Operation Management

The Marsden Community Store case clearly shows that using a very wide range of stakeholders to scrutinize and judge performance simply means that a company’s authorities like managers will have to learn to live with conflicting operational pressures. First of all there is the pressure of ensuring that they have maximum profits for the company and on the other hand ensuring that the interests and needs of society in general are taken care of. It’s such a delicate balancing act. If the interests of stakeholder are the ones controlling all the activities and operations like decision making, the objectives of the senior management give the others a framework in which all the operations are too take place. According to Shim, J. and Siegel, J.(1999),the five basic performance objectives in many ways create a very suitable mechanism which enable smooth running of activities in an organization. Indeed, to a very large extend, I believe the five basic performance objectives create a suitable mechanism for running operations at an operational day to day level at Marsden Community store. Quality, dependability, cost, flexibility and speed, play a very vital role because when they are all harnessed properly, they contribute differently to the success of operations at the store.

To some extent I tend to think ‘agile’ can be considered as a mere rebranding of ‘lean’ ideas, just as some authors suggest, but when keenly scrutinized, there exists some differences between the two approaches. They first of all, as much as they have similarities, they do have different and varying objectives and in applicability. The agile is basically a sort of resource for, mostly, IT managers with the interest to adjust the operations of their departments to be effective with only very little budgets. Some other organizations which are yet to discover its importance are still clinging on the very old notions of using centralized control and avoiding any services or ideas from outside and instead give much preference to the internal traditional IT tools. Most of the authorities practice balancing which in turn helps in increasing the user demands and of course some external threats against the smooth running of the business. Learn on the other hand is basically the idea of cost cutting and centralization, this whole concept of `lean’ doesn't necessarily suggest that those flexible, or inflexible information technology organizations will be at loss and phased out as online services make use of internal services that have been used over ages.

Agile Operations is basically a concept which incorporates lean, service that cost less with those flexible, insightful responses to the demands of the business. This helps in keeping the department more relevant, dynamic and competitive with low-cost solutions that are available out of the organization. Agile Operations normally attempts to use the strengths of other alternatives against them, and in the process maintaining flexibility. I would recommend agile for any organization due to the efficiency that is always associated with it.

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