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Total Quality Management

Total quality management and project management bound together produce the best results for the stakeholders of a project, particularly in the planning process, the design, analysis, execution, monitoring, and evaluation of the project. In that effect, Higgins Quality Assurance Company (HQA) designs it’s projects in a way that either meets or exceeds its stakeholder’s expectations by all means. It focuses on all the aspects of good quality, streamlining them with and benchmarking from the fourteen principles of total quality raised by Edward Deming.

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The mission and objective of this company is to ensure that it meets the needs of all its customers with precision. Consequently, it inclines all its operations to a measuring bored that countercheck all the projects at hand across the set standards of quality. In general, a project has different faces from its inception to the end. Hence, to ensure that the project meets the expectations of its stakeholders, the company’s first step is to collect information about what the client expects and to seek understanding of many other variables that may affect the project. Through the project, Higgins Quality Assurance plans to make the project a success by first ensuring that there is an excellent channel of communication between all the stakeholders of the project, its management and the administration personnel. It also plans to lay down procedures that are clearly defined and must be followed. The project managers will monitor this in order to ensure that everyone involved in the project strictly adheres to the plan and commits to achieving the set targets. Additionally, according to project-management-knowledge an integrated system of the dependent variables must be set up for excellent results from a project (2007). The company therefore integrates its operational systems, from the planning process, and the administration process all the way to the project’s implementation stage. It will iron all discrepancies that may come along by putting up control checks to eliminate all obstacles of success. At HQA we ensure that the quality level of its projects are upheld at all levels, and the company ensures that this is achieved through inspection, evaluation, reporting, and control measure to rectify anomalies. In addition, the company ensures that all parties involved in the project, particularly the workers and the management are well trained and that they are familiar with the processes of the project. This enables it to keep track of the project at all levels and to discover and correct any discrepancies at an early stage before it gets to an advanced level.

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HQA has a policy of continual improvement, which enables it to progressively find a way of doing thing better than before. This is a culture that has been embedded into the organization, thus pushing every employee to seek continual innovation and improved quality of production each time a new project is taken. In that effect, the company periodically audits its work to determine what needs to be done better. It seeks insight in improving its processes and procedures and ensures that every consequential delivery is better than the previous one. It has put up a system that pushes to iron out all defects in its processes through introduction of better technology, employing well-trained personnel and allowing its present staff members to further their education. This highbred mix of resources enables the company to stand out in its industry and to grab the top niche of the best quality project managers.

Nonetheless, the company cannot afford to loosen its grip on the market as top performers. In that effect, it aligns its policies with the fourteen principles of quality management inspired by Dr. Edward Deming. This method is the method of quality management of projects is referred to as the ‘Guru Approach’. This focuses on adopting new philosophies, improving quality of input, constantly seeking to find the problem in a project, implementing modern training methods for our employees, breaking down barriers of success and removing them completely, and permanent commitment of the staff and management of the company to deliver total quality.

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In conclusion, it is without doubt that HQA is the best company in the market to manage and administer your projects. We have control measures and the best resources that will ensure that your projects meet or exceed your mark of the best quality. Our human resource team through excellent management seeks to ensure that all discrepancies and errors are completely ironed out. We are the best choice for you because we deliver nothing less than best quality services.

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