Memoirs of the Consumer

By definition, consumer motivation is an urge, or internal driver that pushes someone to identify and buy goods that will fulfill their needs and desires. If these needs are fulfilled it will motivate the consumer to make repeat purchase or seek better goods and services if the needs were not fulfilled to the consumers desired levels.

From a personal experience, it normal for at least everyone to get motivated to consume certain goods based on the hierarchical importance of the needs that will be satisfied upon consuming them. First, the most common needs to all consumers are psychological needs and needs that are basic for survival, like food, shelter, and clothing. According to Maslow’s theory, there are other needs too on the higher end of the hierarchy, but basic needs must be met first. For that reason, you and I will be motivated to seek basic survival by consuming goods in the lower or basic end of the Maslow pyramid (Koontz & Weihrich, 2006). These are food, clothing, and shelter amongst others.

Additionally, from a general observation of consumers it is explicit that most people consume goods because of the influences the goods would make to their social status. How much social value it will add to their life is very significant and that is why most people get aligned to beliefs that consuming a certain brand is very important to their personal value and elevates their social ego. No wonder, I would personally want to consume a certain brand of wine not because I really need it, but because of the esteem that is associated with consuming it or the social value it would add to my life. In this sense, the motivation to consume the brand of wine is its esteemed value and ‘snob appeal’.

In conclusion, there are different factors that motivate various consumers to purchase certain goods and this can only be determined from a personal level. However, the hierarchy level of the need to be satisfied is a constant determinant of whether they will be motivated to make the purchase or not. If it is on the ‘basic’ level of the hierarchy then it is obvious. The consumer is motivated by the need to survive.



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