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Briefly describe your selected problem

Time management is an essential feature in our daily lives. Taking control of time is much easier if one understands how he or she is spending it (Harvard business essentials series, 2005). Dodd & Sundheim (2005) says that “we all need to be more productive and that this boils down to time and how you use it” (p. 4). They also indicated that the fundamental basics about time management is that everyone gets exactly twenty four hours a day and time cannot be owned, borrowed or saved (Dodd & Sundheim, 2005). Dodd & Sundheim (2005) continue to say “that when we talk about time management it is actually the events of our lives, including the tangible and intangible stuff connected to these events” (p. 4).

Dodd & Sundheim (2005) argued that “time management does not change things out there but it changes individuals and their relationship to the things” (p. 4). The benefits of good time management are considerable according to Dodd & Sundheim (2005). Time management enables  people get more done, feel less stress, have better relationships, feel better about themselves and their lives and they have able time to do the things they like to do (Dodd & Sundheim, 2005). Dodd & Sundheim indicated that in time management it is equally important to note that changing a lifetime of habits takes time and therefore one should be patient with his or her efforts to manage time better (2005).

Identify what kinds of information should be gathered to help you in solving this problem and where this information can be obtained.

The kinds of information that should be gathered about time management can be obtained from different sources. This information differs from one individual to another depending on what one does, age, social status, location and environment.  Activity logs of an individual can be a good source of time management information. This is because they show what one does on daily basis form morning to evening in a span of one week or several months. Personal plans can serve as important source of time management. This is because plans map and show where one is at present and where he or she wants to go.  Personal planning is a good indicator of ones relationship with time management.

Mancini (2003) says that “environment serves an important role in time management. Environment in time management refers to the major people, places and thing that affect the way people shape their time” (p. 9). Environment in which an individual is situated serves an important role and therefore can provide essential information about time management (Mancini, 2003). For example in this case such information could be family setting: how many children one has, their health status and general family background provides valuable information about time management.

The other sources of information about time management include master lists for monthly and long range planning. Roesch (1998) says that these lists pinpoint what matters most in ones life hence in their own time investment. They also show the high value and loe value worth for each must should and want to do tasks (Roesch, 1998). They are therefore important sources of information about time management because master lists indicate what an individual intents to do within a given period of time.

Harvard business essentials series (2005) says that goals are the starting point of effective time management. This is because they act as a compass, pointing the way to the things on which one should be concentrating his or her time. Harvard business essentials series (2005) continues to say that goals guide time management by helping one to assign priorities to the many things that beg to be done.  From this context it can be established that an individuals goals serve as important source of information about time management because once we set goals we commit to time and outcomes that can be accomplished within that time range (Harvard business essentials series, 2005).

Describe the process that you will use to evaluate the information that you gather. What types of things will you consider in your evaluation of the information (e.g., perspective, validity)?

After gathering this information I will go into the evaluation phase. The evaluation process will require a review of the activities, plans, goals, environment and master lists and use the results to modify the time management process.  The process will begin with a review of my goals because they are long term. This will help in identifying which goals can be met at what time span or when then reorganize the time. Secondly focus will go to plans. Plans may be short term or long term and therefore it is important to evaluate the plans to avoid instances were some plans consume a lot of time than the others. Environment will also be looked at. At this phase it is important to note that we can not change or control the environment but we can revise our schedule to determine how to utilize our time effectively (Mancini, 2003).

During the evaluation process I will consider the validity of mostly the daily activity logs. Valid activity logs will provide accurate information for evaluation process. Invalid activities can be omitted in the activity log while others can be allocated less time. The evaluation process will also enable me to allocate time in a way that will improve effectiveness. According to Dodd & Sundheim (2005) evaluating daily activity logs will help me to be more punctual, reduce information overload and minimize interruptions. Another significance of evaluation is that it will help me to learn to say no, overcome procrastination and to do one thing at a time (Dodd & Sundheim, 2005).

Explain how you will use the information that you find to resolve the problem. What things will you take into consideration as you consider possible solutions to your problem?

The information will help me to reevaluate my schedule and examine which areas are causing fallbacks. I will also put my things in writing so that I may be able to plan for time adequately. After that I will write these activities in a list on an index card or stick and put it where I can read it daily (Dodd & Sundheim, 2005). On instances I will keep revising the list until I get satisfied that it will manage my time well. Apart from setting the priorities, the activity log will detail which duties can be delegated.       

Priorities in this case will include taking my husband to the doctor and ensuring that I house duties executed in a timely manner. Because I have fourteen year old boys I will delegate some of the household duties to them. This will enable me to enhance my knowledge about what I have time for, what I do not have time for on daily basis like looking for employment and what I want to have time for by recreating the my activity schedule (Roesch, 1998).  I will also take into consideration which activities will be the musts, should and wants to do so that I can effectively manage my time.

Time management analysis. Custom Time management analysis Essay Writing Service || Time management analysis Essay samples, help

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