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The company is large enough and has diverse needs; hence, it is necessary to have Office 2007 in place to provide the massive Office 2007 applications and technologies. In addition, the new file formats of Office 2007 has numerous advantages, these includes a more compact size, reduced chances of corrupt files, and a better integration of business information. Office 2007 offers a fluent user interface aimed at achieving some pretty design goals. Furthermore, Office 2007 provides App-specific enhancements that are able to add efficiency and power that allows users to be more productive. This will increase the turnover of the IT staff. Other advantages of Office 2007 are the numerous support features that it has. For instance, the enhanced tips on the screen provide an explanation of the tools purposes as well as a link to beneficial topics concerning the tools. Other benefit of Office 2007 is that it provides a variety of deployment options. This can be installed on many systems; furthermore, it provides a Solution Accelerator for Business Desktop Deployment. This is beneficial in performing large-scale Office and Vista rollouts. The IT department should have a server operating system that aims at streamlining computer interactivity as well as databases to make the firm's operation more efficient. This can be achieved by installing a Virtual Private Network that has been implemented by business organizations and can be reached from a home network. A secured network will make the company to make savings because the VPN offers two main advantages over other alternatives, since it cost saving. The building society is cost saving, since it reduces the costs associated with distant leased lines. On the other hand, it reduces the long-distance telephone charges, and offloads support cost. The company should use the VPN, so that the IT department can utilize the public network infrastructure, including the Internet to connect and use cheaper local leased lines to a nearby Internet Service Provider (ISP) (Wurtzburg and Mills 2008).

In conclusion, leasing equipmentscan cut costs and lead to savings. For instance, leasing has advantages when equipments are bought expenses can change from time to time and thus leased equipment will not put pressure on the budget, and the costs will be spread over the whole period. The leases might run for a shorter period, and the IT department can acquire up-to-date desktops. Leasing also helps in avoiding disposal costs of outdated desktops and other equipment. The leased desktops can be returned back to the vendors. The records should be computerized with back up, and storage procedures documented by the IT department, and audited. Risks to the society’s data can cause a potential damage and misuse of related data; hence, it is vital to offer cheap loans to borrowers to enjoy cost efficiency by avoiding service external capital (Herbert 2009).



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