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Scope Statement and Description

Scope statement this is the reorganization of PURPLES filing and documents archives’ system which will be implemented by administration and support department. The adopted solution should work according to the company’s current filing and archiving system. 

Product Description

By addressing this issue, the company is sure that service delivery is even more prompt and fast. The fact that filing is not organized properly means that, improper time consumption is on the high side. The issues are impacting negatively on the business and soon might reflect to the clients’ notice. The benefit of application of this new strategy is that, the operational cost will reduce exceedingly and the surety that the retention of the clients is maintained.

Project Constraints, Assumptions, Risks and Issues.

Constraints - the project manager was undertaking current duties as well as managing this project, this lead to exhaustion and sometimes even lack of concentration to the other duties and the assigned project. The project was allocated minimal fund, the budget surpassed the available fund.


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Assumptions - funding and support will be provided for by the Managing Director. Having knowledge that adequate resources will be available to oversee the project.

Risk - the company stands to lose clients if the issues are not resolved urgently. Assigning the assignment to one person, who has other duties to attend, may lead to late delivery of the project which should be fixed in the shortest time possible.

Issues - The Company neglected filing and documentation system, while it was growing rapidly. This lead to the poor state that archive system was in currently. Though the issues affecting the company are numerous, the first that need to be addressed is the improper filing structure.

Key Tasks/Deliverables

The deliverables includes;

Recommendation of the new strategy.

Organized filing system hence neatness and utilizing space.

Proper time management.

Efficiency and proficiency.

Project managements that is both hardware and software.

Following a systematic criteria.

Brainstorming and developing new ideas for the business.

  It Excludes;

Implementation of the strategy.

Maintenance of the strategy.

Stakeholders involvement and why

The following role and definitions are being applied to the resources assigned to this project:

Project Sponsor’s involvement is to provide sponsorship and a go ahead to the team carrying out the project. He is also the fund allocator. The project task is submitted to him because he is the main stakeholder.

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Project Owner; gives policy meaning to the project team. Handles every policy issues with the policy owners in order to give clear information. Tackles all wrangles or issues as far as the project is concerned and tables them at the organizational and functional level. The final decision rests with him/her. Have a direct information connection with the sponsor and the project team.  Clarifies all policy to the sponsor.

Project Manager; manages the overall project, work plan, securing resources, and delegating the job to ensure a brilliant completion of the project. Acts as the interface to the sponsor and the owners of the project. The project manager is accountable for the project and team mates report to him/her. The manager handles all administrative duties.

Steering Committee; Helps in solving issues that might be above the project manager. Watch over progress and supports the team by providing them with the required tools and the resources.

Stakeholder; the sole provider of all requirements. This person receives deliverable and project benefits.  This task enhances his business processes and environment.

Team Member; people working on the project by analyzing, designing and improving the business process. They work hand in hand with the team to acquire high level strategy, develop designs and understand the appropriate practices for the business. They identify opportunities and challenges, brainstorming and impact regions for the organization to venture into.

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Due to the Company’s rapid growth and expansion, it was realized that the only department that had remained the same for years was the vital filing and documenting system. Having satisfied clients most of who were longtime, because of their excellent services and products, the workload increase led to the poor state of documentation and filing system. 

By implementing this sector, the company would be sure that, work was done faster and easily. Failure to address this issue would lead to time wastage which in turn could cause the company to lose clients which would result to the loss of income.

The company has a vision of growing to higher heights. This can only be achieved by the consistent satisfaction of clients which has not been the case lately.

                     Milestones of the project Target Date
Project Start MM/DD/YY
Organization  08/13/ 2011
Program Management 08/21/2011
Software and hardware assembly 08/30/2011
Evaluation 09/27/2011
Integration 10/26/2011
Project Completion 10/30/2011


Responsibility Assignment Matrix

Position Name           Role
Managing Director Mr. Jeffrey Brown Project Sponsor
Office administration and support Miss. Mitchell Marrs Project Owner
Administration Support Officer S. Masson Project Manager
Media Monitoring and Research Mr. Peter Jackson Steering Committee Member
Editorial Manager Miss Sue Black Steering Committee Member
Financial Controller Mr. Tony Coutts Steering Committee Member
Production and distribution manager Mr. Trevor Langer Team Member
Information Technology Manager Mr. Gary Samis Team member


Tools used in this program include;

Work Breakdown Structure - this is an organizational chart of a project. It is used to relay the work scope to run that is used to run a given project. It is a tree like diagram method that is makes it easy to run a project. It explains the work on a project sequence and relationship of deliverables. It helps in scheduling and eliminates lack of certainty. Its hierarchical format ensures that system is subdivided into subsystem and latter into components. These components can  further be divided to form subcomponents. 

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Gantt chart – this is a bar chart that records deliverables interdependency to time. It shows milestones, tasks, phases and resources.

Product Breakdown Structure; this is a tree like structure that builds the deliverables arranging them in a full part relationship. It is mainly applied in the clarification of the final project and more often it helps in the creation of a Work Breakdown Structure.

Analyzing the tasks used for the successful completion of a specific project and identifying the least time possible that can finish a project is made possible by a method/ tool called Program Evaluation and Review Technique also known as PERT. 



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