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Project Management and Work Structure

In the modern world organizational workforce is characterized with dynamic and diverse individuals with varying perceptions. In addition, the notion of diversification in the workforce has contributed to large part in having varying employees’ demands making deployment of a unified motivation in an organization a challenge. In addition, position of an organization hugely contributes to deployment of a given motivation technique to raise employees morale and sense of belonging. In this case, Baltimore Hill Clinic should utilize motivation techniques to have employee support towards organizational change. The following motivation techniques are instrumental in facilitating Baltimore Hill Clinic undergo change process and achieve pre-established objectives.

Positive imagery

Changes in an organization bring in the notion uncertainty and employee can develop a rebellious altitude towards proposed projects. In addition changes can culminate to termination of particular operations or activities and employees can perceive changes negatively in the organization. However, Positive imagery is instrumental establishing an apt organizational environment that accommodates changes (Koontz & Weihrich, 2006). Therefore, Baltimore Hill Clinic can raise the moral of its employees in supporting proposed changes in the organization in line with the established objectives and gain comprehensive development. Positive imagery involves establishing motivational clauses and themes in slogan form to empower and raise morale of employees toward proposed changes. The technique is instrumental in promoting imagination among employees and visualizing on achievement associated with the particular organizational changes. The motion technique deploy can deploy slogan or informative message that gives a close revelation of the intended changes in the organization. The slogans in cooperate Baltimore Hill Clinic core values, the need of undergoing an alleged change and the beneficial aspect of transforming operations from a current process to an advantageous one. Positive imagery mainly involves establishing an apt psychological setting among the workforce to accommodate change and ensure employee are in the fore front towards change implementation. Through establishing a positive imagery among employees of Baltimore Hill Clinic not only experiences harmony in various operations but also promotes a sense of belonging among employees and raises morale.         


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Notably, change messages and development vision of an organization is channeled through professions specialized in particular genre of study or enterprise. Also, positive imagery entails successful organization either in a similar industry or different that have developed based on the proposed changes. On these grounds can visualize closely and feel affiliates to the development and prosperity from the organization based on their commitment and unified approach to the change project. Therefore, positive imagery as a motivation technique is pivotal in propelling change in the organization through harmonizing operations. In addition the technique ensures change is supported by the employees and implementation process is not hampered by divisions emanating within a company.  From this perspective, the technique is instrumental and ensures that a company achieves pre-established goals and unity of direction is realized toward executing changes (Koontz & Weihrich, 2006).

Team building

Baltimore Hill Clinic is a broad entity that entails diverse operations and sections divided particular tasks performed. Also organization activities involve ensuring respective sections of the company reflect on the core values established. Unity of direction in organization is an integral part of a company in unleashing potential of a venture and in optimal utilization of available resources in a company. On this case, it is apparent that a business venture comprises of numerous teams that facilitates consistent development, execution of tasks and satisfying the needs on customers in a market. Moreover, organizational teams are interdependent and promote execution of operations in line with pre-established goals. Therefore, it is the responsibility of management team to establish an organization strategy that builds and nurtures teams. This is geared towards to facilitate coordination and development of talents and gradual transforms in times of organizational change. Team building activities in an organization plays a significant role in enhancing morale of workforce and preparing employees to actively transform change. A working environment established in Baltimore Hill Clinic before introduction of change is pivotal in development of the entire organization (Mullins, 2005).

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In order to achieve tremendous success from a proposed change operation a company should establish organizational structures to raise moral of employees through various techniques. Team building enhances working environment and coordination in the organization through sharing of individual skills and talent. The fact that respective employees in Baltimore Hill Clinic are talented differently and have varying tastes in the workforce team building is paramount creating a competitive environment. Through team building Baltimore Hill Clinic can establish an apt platform for individual employees to display their capability if particular area of operation in relation to diverse activities. From this perspective, employees become a winner based on one’s area of specialization in the organization.  

In the modern society change in an organization is inevitable therefore Baltimore Hill Clinic s should be in the fore front toward establishing environments that promote change process. In addition motivation of employees through establishing organization team to build on cohesion and talent development is vital. Team building activities in organization gathers employees together and highlights their expectation in propelling organization development and importance of an employee to a company. In addition, team building is integral in promoting employee strengths and improving on the weakness. Therefore, employee moral and confidence are enhanced during team building establishing an apt platform for Baltimore Hill Clinic changes in the identified aspects. Therefore, team building poses as a motivation technique vital in raising morale of employees and facilitating change acceptance among the work force.   

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Change operations or production phases of an organization entail introducing new processes or techniques of production. This can hider productivity of an organization and create uncertainty among employee culminating to low morale in perform task. The notion of change is perceived different in the society and in most instance introduction of new task execution technique is considered from a negative perspective. Motivation aspect in an organization that is experiencing changes can be low in case preliminary preparations are not established. Exposure of employee to proposed changes is important in from a motivation and productivity perspectives.

Training should be an integral part of Baltimore Hill Clinic in ensuring employees is familiarize with proposed changes in an organization. Knowledge on the introduced operations and organizational structure eliminates uncertainty and eventually raise their morale. In order to have the support of employee in implementing changes in the organization, training is paramount in preparing workforce and accommodation of entire human resource in the transformed organization. Therefore, Baltimore Hill Clinic should establish structures and avenues of training its employees in bid to motivate them and change endorsement in the workforce (Mullins, 2005).

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Enhance communication

Communication in an organization is vital in facilitating interaction and appreciating talented and hardworking employees. Appreciation of employees in relation to their roles in a company is integral in boosting productivity and motivating them. In this case, Baltimore Hill Clinic should be in the forefront towards promoting communication with its employee based on the intended changes and appreciating contributions of its workforce. Interaction between the management and workforce is integral in boosting mutual relationship. There are two types of communication in an organization. The two includes horizontal and vertical communication. Although the two act differently and are used for different reasons, it is worth noting that the importance of communication is paramount to enhancing coordination, conflict resolution and learning. Communication is, in fact, a prerequisite to success and strategic implementation of policies and governing organizational directives. In addition, it is worth noting that communication is also a great tool for staff motivation. In project management, communication will be found in these two modes and also will be either interpreted negatively or positively, a factor that is very sensitive and important in completion and success of the project. One must understand that there is importance of passing down negative feedbacks to employees so that the employees can improve their productivity and work quality (Koontz & Weihrich, 2006). Unfortunately, the communication for this kind of feedbacks can be interpreted wrongly by the employees and end up leading to exactly what the organization leader or the project manager wanted to achieve. This means that one must be very careful when handing over negative communication and feedbacks to employees in an organization. In the same manner, the project leader may also give positive feedback to the employees. This is meant to increase their motivation but also has a potential for lowering the productivity due to the self importance that the employees may develop when this commendations and positive feedbacks are directed to them. This is also a point worth noting and something that a project manager should carefully keep in mind (The CV Centre Limited , 2011). Both of these must be handled with great care because of the changes they might bring to the organization.

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It is important to note that motivation goes hand in hand with communication. Indeed, there can never be motivation without communication because motivation is offered through communication. Employees must be made to feel positive in associating with the organization they work for. Baltimore Hill Clinic can use incentives, rewards and gifts to ensure that employees are motivated in their working stations. However, the most important thing that an organization can do to ensure that employees are motivated is to recognize the work of an individual in the organization and make that individual proud of what he or she does in the company. (The CV Centre Limited , 2011). To do this, a project manager or other management officers in the organization require having good skills in discerning the quality and productivity of individuals and making efforts to make the individual know that they are appreciated in the organization.

Milestone for the implementation of the motivational techniques

The campaign to improve the motivation in Baltimore Hill Clinic has been made so that it can take a month. The following is the milestone that guides the process of employing changes in the organization.  The milestone offers the time in days that the process takes with each item taking place from a certain date to another.

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 Communication Plan

Communication plan communication in an organization is importance in unity of direction and harmonized approached to various tasks. Notably, change in business venture is inevitable regardless of the established operational structure. The fact that change in an organization is geared towards alternating the established procedure and process establishing an apt platform to facilitate change in vital. Communication in the fundamental step toward propelling change in an organization, accomplishing laid down objectives and prosperity. Communication will play a significant role in accomplishing project goals of   Baltimore Hill Clinic. However, effective communication is crucial in highlighting in depth actual position of project and required changes to oversee its development. Communication tools are instrumental in facilitating effective communication especially in an organization. In the current era of technology development has transformed communication. Baltimore Hill Clinic should utilize the communication channel in interacting with stakeholders on the project’s status. Internet will facilitate communication without establishing conference settings and protocol.

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In addition, Baltimore Hill Clinic will utilize publication and print material to facilitate effective communication with its stakeholders regarding the position and progress of the project. The published materials are instrumental in facilitating communication during meeting or explanation details of the project. Also, the published material facilitates interactive communication. Notably, Baltimore Hill Clinic is geared toward changing its operations through improving the organization procedure in executing task. On this ground the company should utilize exhibitions as a basis of communication to stakeholder to display the proposed changes from practical perspective.  

The table below indicates stakeholder groups that will receive communication using the tool described above.

Change formulation and implementation is process that involves various structures and requires decision to be made by those in authority. For consistent development and realization of the beneficial aspect of change in Baltimore Hill Clinic decision making should be centralized. The organizational directors, chief executive officer and respective mangers should be in charge of project. The chief executive officer and the directors should make decisions and facilitate communication regarding the position of the project.

Sample of report that would be sent

Fellow members of the board, during the last session we discussed on various issues related to change and essence of altering our operation procedures. Decision was made on the position of the organization regarding the next course of action after we all agreed on the need to embrace change. It was agreed that the company will deploy a consultant firm to change its major operation. In addition, the meeting with the shareholder resulted to similar remarks established by the board. On our next session, discussion will fundamental involve order of priority in change execution.  

Negotiation strategy and plan

Change in an organization involves affecting the working environment and lives of those involved differently. In addition, change is perceived differently by employees and the opinion of management team has direct implication on individual insight. Baltimore Hill Clinic change process can be characterized by various risky situations. The stakeholder can differ on the proposed changes resulting to indecision. Another risky situation involves conflict of interest in the management team and inability to establish unifying agreement. Thirdly, employees can be against the organization change and hider consistent implementation of change. In addition risky situation within Baltimore Hill Clinic involving resource scarcity can greatly hamper smooth change process in the organization. Moreover, personal responsibility with making decision retarding change can make decision from personal perspective or prejudices failing to reflect the interests of the entire organization.    

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In any organization, there are three major types of negotiations that will always be present. This includes day to day or managerial negotiations which involves the daily activities of the organization such as management, labor force and payment term. The other type of negotiation is commercial which involves contracting, pricing and quality and also sourcing of capital. Legal negotion, on the other hand involves those policies that enhance and guide Baltimore Hill Clinic in adhering to the legal terms of national and international regulations (Abedin, Chao, Godwin, & Arochena, 2009). All these will not include all stakeholders although in most cases there is the trade union and the government in the three. As can be seen from the titles of each negotiation, the reasons for negotiation in Baltimore Hill Clinic is basically to ensure that there are no conflicts and smooth running of the organization takes place. It is worth noting that sometimes negotiations are cumbersome, and one may even feel like skipping them. However, as an organizational leader, it is very important to consider them since they avoid future failures and tussles between all the involved parties. Baltimore Hill Clinic decisions during negotiation should be conducted by the organization directors in collaboration with chief executive officer on the clinic.

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Running of an organization or a project does not mean just being at the helm and disseminating orders to be carried out by subordinates and other employees in the organization but rather that the individual is expected to make decisions with great impacts to the organization as a whole. This is quite tricky because Baltimore Hill Clinic has people of different orientations and therefore a project manager or an organization leader is bound to meet resistance. However, with effective implementation of motivational techniques, proper negotiation and effective Baltimore Hill Clinic authority plan, there is nothing to prevent the organization from succeeding. 




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