The Different Effects That Workplace Accidents Can Have on the Employees and the Facility

Health and safety issues are key concerns of every employer in relation to their human resources in the workplace. Bratton and Gold are of the opinion that various Organizations need to carry out training of employees differently, basing on their specific needs, the trainee and work that is being targeted within the company as different types of accidents occur on daily basis in our factories and companies. Accidents at work and occupational ill- health are costly to workers and their families and to employers thus bringing up concern to both involved parties. Management control of health and safety is therefore essential, particularly in smaller firms where fatal and major injury rates tend to be higher. The manner and extent of an excellent health and safety management system will vary with the size of the enterprise, the nature of its activities, the hazards and the conditions in which it operates. Successful organisations develop systems that are relevant/appropriate, cost effective, aim to reduce financial losses and to protect and enhance both physical and human resources.

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Physical damages are major occurrences that happen in most of the accidents in companies and factories to both the employees and the company’s properties. In most cases, employees may undergo physical damage entailed by the usage of the firm’s machines while in the production process of the company. An employee may be hurt to an extent of being paralysed for the rest of their life or they may collapse and lose their lives. On the other hand, the damaged machines of the firms are replaced in order to facilitate the production process (McGladrey, 23). The replacement, repair and removal of the affected machines are normally costly to the affected company because a lot of cash is used in acquisition and installation of new machines. The company normally per-takes on the initiative of recruiting qualified personnel in order to handle the whole procedure and also to set strategies and policies that aid in emergency situation handling of accidents within the workplace at any given time.

After the occurrence of an accident in a firm, most of the unaffected employees (co-workers) are left in a traumatized situation as they are normally affected mentally and psychologically. This in the long run affects the efficiency of the workers in the processes and activities of the company. The co-workers are unable to resume their duties out of anxiety about a possible recurrence of a similar incidence.  The productivity of the company may stop as the employees who had an opportunity of witnessing the incident spent most of their time discussing it and also traumatized hence much time is taken before resuming their previous duties of the factory (Salvendy, 1163). In such a situation, the overall production of the company is affected as the set targets are not realized hence affecting the overall realization of the company in terms of profits and efficiency in the distribution process to its clients in the business target market.

In other cases, the accident may have occurred due to the negligence by the management of the company. In such incidences, the management has the role of catering for all the litigations involved in the accident. The process is very costly to the company as much is spent in the compensation process to the affected personnel.  Losses from a major incident could ruin a company’s name and its image in the entire market organization thus needs to put in place preventive measures and strategies that cover it up in order to maintain its good reputation within the society.

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The process of compensation to both the personnel and the company in relation to the insurance firm is another crucial part that is normally costly to the firm’s management. The accidents may force the company to take up an insurance cover with a high value in order to cater for health and accident cover. This makes the company spend a lot in order to avoid the scenario of dispatching direct cash towards meeting the losses in the compensation process. Undertaking the insurance cover with high value affects the overall profits realized because they are direct expenses that lower the income earned.

The company also undergoes losses through the wages and salaries paid to employees as the cost of time which was not utilized in production as the uninjured co-workers took much time before resuming their chores in the company. The company is also forced to pay for the work done during the overtime process as personnel are called upon to work for extra hours in order to meet the company’s daily productive target. This is as a result of much time wasted in the replacement of machines after the accident, the human resource traumatisation period by the employees and time spent in the rescue process of the affected employees during the accident.  

 However, the company is called upon to put in place security measures and policies to curb the incidence that will aid in controlling and avoiding the accidents in a company. Putting up safety measures to improve the working environment like maintaining a clean floor from obstacles which reduces occurrence of accidents in offices and factories. There is need to conduct regular safety check ups on routine by the company’s consultants who ensure development and maintenance of workplace safety systems in a firm. The management should also conduct seminars on regular fire drills in order to enlighten the employees on how to handle fire emergences in the company. All the company’s employees are supposed to be trained on being safety conscious on areas that pose potential risks while carrying out their duties in the factory like stairways and light fixtures. Regular training on safety in the company should be carried out on personnel on ways of operating heavy and delicate machines in the company which may include instructions on safe operation of machines, procedures involved while starting them in handbooks and offering first aid training skills commonly offered by the Red Cross and other certified providers.

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In conclusion, the safety of both the personnel and the factory’s property is a major aspect that the management should put in place. The organization should put up evaluation and measurement systems that highlight strategies and policies that work on ways of curbing the occurrence of accidents. However, it is the responsibility of both the employees and the employer to ensure safety at the work place by ensuring that all the safety measures of operating the office machines and heavy factory equipment are observed to the later. The companies and factories are called upon to put in place legislations that will govern the overall management of fire outbreaks and accidents. This is possible through setting up of proper channels that ensure rules and regulations relating with the operation of machines in both offices and factories are adhered to the latter and fully observed throughout the production process. They are also guaranteed with the mandate of ensuring all the functioning machines are maintained and serviced on a regular basis in order to minimize chances of causing accident while carrying out its duties. 

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