Management Information Systems

Legal, ethical, or security concerns exist for a company in the proper disposal of obsolete computer hardware.

In the disposal of the obsolete computer hardware, a company must consider and review its corporate options and legal implications of the disposal. The company must thus determine whether the disposal is in line with its corporate options. The environment must always be protected in the disposal process. Garretson asserts further that the company must also be careful to guard its data against lose in the disposal process. The repurpose route must also be considered during the disposal.

Q. 2. How virtual servers leverage system resources? Two considerations for using a virtual server environment for an application system

The virtual servers leverage system resources through configuration of the system resources to the virtual server (Venezia, 2010). This is made possible through the use of the virtualization software that configures all the system resources to the main virtual server. In using a virtual server environment for an application system, the licensing considerations must be made along with the requirements for networking and resources. This is because each of the Virtual Machines will require a certain amount of resources.

Q. 3. Outlook for programming computers to understand and respond to human speech

According to Thilmany (2010), the computer should be programmed to understand and know what the user is talking about. This is perhaps why professionals in computer science and linguistics have been doing research on this. The computer should for example be programmed to do what a pupil learns in the grammar school. This way, computer will be able to understand sentences by identifying parts of the speech and the structuring of sentences. With such programming, the cost of performing tasks through computers will decrease as performance improves.

Q.4. How important is it to consider the user interface when designing or acquiring a new information system? What do you consider the most important aspects of a user interface?

User interface is important to consider when designing a new information system. This is because a good user interface facilitates completion of the task at hand without unnecessary inconveniences. A good user interface design will be able to minimize repetitive tasks while giving adequate information to the user easily and quickly. Among the important aspects of user interface is speed of learning, consistency, speed of use and recall, error prevention, support for multiple skill levels and error recovery.



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