Management Terms

Managing workforce diversity involves taking a closer look at the difference within the people in an organization regarding their ages, gender, ethnic backgrounds, and disabilities of different kinds and the different sexual orientation of the teams. This requires a leader or a manger to handle the individual differently because the uniqueness of each individual determines how he or she works. It is therefore, important for any manager to take into consideration these differences in order to ensure maximum outputs.  It is important that a leader create an environment that makes it easy for the people to interact and respect each other’s in order to maintain a good relationship when doing different task. The manger can put up some laws to guide the workers on the desired code of ethics. The manager can also make sure the people work in harmony by using categorization method where the employees with the best qualifications and characteristics are given certain positions. The globalization seen in the recent years has widened the diversity gap and this means that the employers need to work on reducing the differences of their employees. The aspect of diversity originates from the bible and it is therefore important to remember that no one is better than the other is, but keeping in mind that we are all equal in eyes of the creator is the most important thing. If people manage their differences and look at the things they can achieve if they work together to increase their benefits.

Resumes are detailed information that gives background details about a person seeking a position in a company or organization. The information is mostly education based, the applicant’s professional history and certifications. It is important for any person given the task of evaluating the resume to do detailed screening to make sure the information provided is true. The dynamic working environment has led to many changes in how one needs to make his own resume. This changed more with the introduction of the internet where companies are giving services to companies to help advertise, and recruit employees for them. LinkedIn is such a company and one of its customers is Pepsi, which has really boosted it to the level where other companies are applying to use their services. There is a shift in the trend of hiring people as organization now use the services of companies like the LinkedIn to look for employees to fill in different positions. This frustrates many job seekers as they miss many potential opportunities because they are not mostly aware of the vacancies. Organizations are also filling in the vacancies suing employees inside the company making it hard for new employees to get employment opportunities in the organization. The trend now is to go online and make sure you have the right web pages to post your resume if you are to get that dream job.

A hostile working environment is not something new in any organization and it comes about when the surroundings are not fit for the employees. This is the because of the different genders, age and positions held by the different employees. The employees may adapt offensive behaviors or discrimination. The most common form of harassments seen in the office is sexual harassment where women are the ones who suffer mostly. Sexual harassment mostly comes from a person in a higher authority making the working experience of the other employee tough. The harassment may be due to the clothes that the employee wears. The clothes may be too revealing and tempting the other genders. This is common among women who want to get attention and confuse sexual harassment for respect. The attention they desire mostly leads to sexual escapades in the office. Sexual harassments come in different forms and some may be through a person’s facial expressions, comments or gestures.

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