Guaranteed Wages

Normally, most employees join the union that protects them from different matters that may arise at their workplace or misunderstandings that may occur with their employers. Among other things, the main agenda of employees being under the union is to ensure that their employers pay them their wages as they agreed initially. Notably, sometimes the issues arise and the employers fail to pay their employees their dues. On such occurrences, the union in which the affected employee has registered will step in to protect them and ensure that they are paid. However, the payment of the wages to the employees by the union is usually not automatic as many assume it to be. The union also requires that the employee meets certain obligations and the payment depends on the type or job level of the employee.

Will Everyone Receive an Automatic Guaranteed Wage?

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This critical question affects both employees and the union that has registered them. Despite the fact that each employee participated in the voting process to ensure that the union is established, it is certain that not all of them will receive an automatically guaranteed wage. There are various reasons that would hinder some employees from getting the guaranteed wage.

Firstly, some employees would not be able to acquire the guaranteed wage even after the establishment of the union since they have debts to their employers. Dustmann, Fitzenberger, & Machin (2008) assert that the work of unions is not only to ensure the protection of the employees’ interests but it also ensures that there is an excellent relationship between the workers and their employers. Consequently, they cannot give a guaranteed wage to the employee who has debts to the employers. The employee would have to settle the debt first before acquiring the guaranteed wage after the establishment of the union. 

Secondly, not everyone would receive an automatic guaranteed wage since the workers have different job groups or work level. According to Incomes Data Services (2011), the union normally pays the employees ranked highest first before paying the lower ranked employees. This implies that not everyone would get the automatic wage. Despite the fact that at the end of it each one of them would have received the wage, not everyone would receive it automatically. The other employees would wait for a defined time by the union while the highest ranked employees receive their guaranteed wages.

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Is the Company Required to Sign the Union's Current Contract?

The company, which has employed the employees who voted in the union, has to work closely with the union. Therefore, it is important for the company to sign the current contract of the union.

Normally, employees depend on the union to shield and protect their interests from mistreatment or any other shortcomings. Sinha (2004) affirms that this is among the main reasons that the company has to sign the union. Moreover, if the company fails to sign the union, there would be rebellion and misunderstanding between the company and the employees. The employees cannot work properly if they feel that there is nobody to address the arising issues. To avoid this, the company is required to cooperate with the union.

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In conclusion, unions are the bodies that protect employees from any negative issues arising between them and their employees. The employees are the ones that vote in the unions to protect them from their employers. Despite the fact that the unions might pay the employees guaranteed wages, not everyone automatically gets the wages. Notably, not everyone would receive an automatic guaranteed wage since the workers have different job groups or work level. The employees who are ranked higher are paid by the union first. However, it is important for the company to sign the current contract of the union to avoid rebellion and other issues from the employees.

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