Management Presentation

Ron Edens’s makes use of theory X. The theory asserts that on average, a worker does not like work, is lazy and will try o do as little work as possible. According to the theory, managers need to closely supervise their workers and ensure that they are controlled. This is the case at Mr. Edens’s work place. Mr. Edens’s believe is that his workers will not work enough unless they are constantly under supervision. He imposes quotas to ensure high productivity. He has designed the place in such a way that employees have minimal control over their own conduct. His employees make minimal or no decisions at all as their work is specialized. Mr. Ron has instigated rules and procedures that work in his Electronic Banking System Inc. where workers are supervised to ensure that they do not slow while working nor make mistakes.

What do u think are the effects of the this approach on (a) workers and (b) Supervisors

This system has a great effect on workers as they will feel not only trapped but lonely as well. Workers are not allowed to talk by Mr. Edens. Monitoring workers will create tension resulting to hostility between the workers and their supervisors. Workers under this kind of pressure are prone to develop stress or may fall ill; this will also impact on their supervisors.

Do you regard how Ron Edens’s approach to management as ethical and acceptable or unethical and unacceptable in the 2000s? Why?

I do not regard Mr. Edens’s style of management. I strongly feel that employees need to be treated with esteem and pride. Although Mr. Edens tries to do this, his management style is not acceptable in the 21st century.



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