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An Effective Project Management

Organizations are significantly leaning towards results and goal realization. Therefore, organizations choose to employ skilled and competent managers to oversee projects. A project manager’s ability to manage effectively and achieve desired results is significant to his/her interpersonal and technical skills. He/she must possess the qualities that are essential and critical to his/her tasks. A project manager must understand the importance of the successful fulfillment of his/her duties concerning the project and the responsibility he/she bears towards management, workers, the organization and relevant stakeholders.

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The effectiveness of a project manager depends critically on his interpersonal skills. The ability to socialize is crucial to effective management. The manager’s ability to communicate bearing in mind the cultural considerations and shortcomings of his staff is essential. Actively participating and tracking discussions, while offering suggestions to individuals and teams is another effective, interactive technique in management. The ability to present a subject in the right environment and context is a key to effective communication in the managerial process.

Moreover, a project manager requires leadership qualities to be an effective manager. A leader should be able to explain the purpose and intent of the project to the stakeholders. The ability to mobilize, organize and control his workers without aggressive approaches being used is an important leadership characteristic of a project manager. The manager must establish his role by defining the project structure and administrative infrastructure. Accounting for processes and functional details of the project, while maintaining project integrity, is critical to effective management. The manager should be able to facilitate the work of the staff and mobilize resources needed for the project. The coordination of external factors, for example politics, while protecting the projects interests is another necessary attribute of the manager. Besides, the manager should show enthusiasm and empathy while coaching and mentoring his subordinates. Another key quality of an effective manager is the ability to solve problems efficiently.

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Project managers oversee project planning, organizing and execution. Supervising is the hallmark of manager’s responsibilities. An effective manager develops plans to meet the project requirements and optimally allocates available resources, both human and material. The projects goals and objectives should be clearly defined to enable the manager to successfully organize and control the resources available, while motivating growth and development. The manager should be also able to analyze the results of the project in general and definitive terms. Thus, the significance of analytical skills of a manager is in enabling the creation of sound and feasible plans while maintaining the projects goals.

Budgetary allocations and controls are significant to manager’s project supervisory responsibilities. Therefore, an effective manager should be able to make adequate budgetary allocations and proposals to the financial managers. An effective budget will cater for the projects requirements without facing significant deficits and overruns. The manager should monitor the budget as it progresses and review possible constraints in its realization. Clear vision of the project mission should be the manager priority. It is crucial for the manager to be able to oversee the project as a whole, but at the same time supervise its different aspects and parts. This enables the manager to make sensible decisions and take appropriate actions in the course of the project.

Time management is also essential to managing a project effectively. Tasks should be assigned in time slots on the basis of their merit and the priority. A manager should plan and manage his/her time while delegating tasks of lesser priority to subordinates. Delegation is a critical tool in any organization structure; therefore, the project manager should have the skill to delegate tasks optimally. Creating teams and functions within a project are necessary for effective management.

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Effectiveness in management is a skill that can be acquired through practices and experiences. A manager should be open to learning of new methods and should be able to adapt to changes. The use of groups and teams collaboration is an intelligent tactical approach to managing projects effectively. A manager should have flexibility and willingness to train and develop his workers while steering them towards the set project goals and objectives.

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