An Organizational Memory

An organizational memory is an accumulated body of data, knowledge and information, created in the course of existence of an organization. This can also include insight and skills that are passed over to new employees as they are employed and are vital to their working within the organization. Organizational memory plays several roles that are important for the development of an organization.

Roles and importance of organizational memory

Organization memory ensures the promotion of the organization culture. This is very important as it ensure new employees adopt the cultures that have been bred within the organization. A new employee will thus be able to carry on the culture and ensure future employees too are introduced into the culture. This is very important as the brand an organization has created will not be affected by introduction of new employees. The organization will thus carry on smoothly with its activities ensuring continuous development of the organization.

New employees need to be informed about their duties, roles and expectation of the organization on them. Organization memory will help to ensure that new employees know exactly what they are supposed to do and how they are expected to relate to other members of the organization. It also helps to inform them of what they are supposed to do on certain special situations that might arise during there working for the company. This ensures smooth operation of the company and boosts the production of the employees. Increased production ensures development of the company.

Workers within a company are required to be professionals. With data on previous insights and skills that a company has developed, a new employee will be expected to achieve within those set of standards. Having professional workers will help an organization to boost its public image and help it attract new customers and retain them. An increase in the customer base of a company means more sell, higher revenues and hence better profit margins. This will avail funds to expand the company and its market presence.

Finally, organizational memory also serves as a place for references on how to solve new problems when they are encountered. Looking at how previous problems were solved can help those employees that were not there at that time to learn from them and get the required skills to solve the new problems. This will ensure no gap in skill created by retirement or resignation of workers.




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