Implementing Policies

Role of a chief executive in developing and implementing a policyThe chief executive officer plays the most vital role as far as the management of any organization is concerned. He conducts the overall duty of management as well as offering the leadership role in the organization. It is therefore important that they possess diverse skills and knowledge in quite expansive areas related to the running of their respective organizations. The chief executive officers have the most important role of decision making which is crucial to influencing and determining the future well being of their organizations (Bargh, 2000). Their decisiveness in this case is what separates a good chief executive officer from a bad one.The process of decision making is crucial and involves defining the problems, seeking various opinions from the people within the organization, pondering over the issues and then making a decision on the best way to forward. The decision making process thus involves stages and at times, it may not be easy doing so. Opinions from the top management may differ from the lower management therefore involving multiple choices making it more complicated. He or she therefore implements whatever strategies that are accepted by the board of governors of the organization in which he or she has played a major role. He thus has an executive role for his organization but under the authority which has been delegated to him or her by the board.

The decision making role of a chief executive officer actually affects all the organizational activities and involves generally consultation on all substantial matters before making implementations that come in the form of discharging responsibilities to members of the organization (Tsurutani,1992). His roles therefore entail a lot of bureaucratic processes that involves working with opinions collected from all organizational members before the final implementation. The final decisions leading to implementations therefore goes through a long process involving everyone so that what is developed are strategic goals agreed upon by all members involved in the running of the organization. In this case the chief executive officer ensures the establishment of an effective and risk free management as well as control systems.

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