Swot Analysis

SWOT ANALYSIS ON OCEAN DRIVE-IN THEATREBy virtue of this location Ocean Drive-in's esteemed clientele are able to access the facility without much difficulty. This further boosts as a preferred destination given its pristine location on the shorelines of a beach 'Venice' in California, which further introduces a touristic element into it.The facility offers a relatively affordable package for its various meals given the current economic trends. Economic analysts postulate that at the moment most people are increasingly visiting cheaper variations for their leisure activities.The services offered are tailored to suit individualised needs makes Ocean Drive-in a better location given the existing competition variables along the Californian beach. Customers can choose what they want, how they want it, and when they want it. This freedom has been proven to be an effective means in the attainment of business objectives.Since the facility offers a significantly wide variety in its product line makes it a preferred location for majority of its clientele.

By virtue of its operational capacity, the facility has high needs in order to meet its human resource potential. Consequently this leads to high training and recruitment costs on seasonal basis.The management needs to institute better mechanisms of predicting economic indices given Ocean drive-in's reliance on tourism potential and potential occurrence of seasonal variations.

There is less of a seasonal effect on the operations on Ocean Drive-in giving it due advantage compared to competitors in other distinct locations. This gives it an all year round operation capability.The entire bay area has few facilities of Ocean Drive-in's nature giving it advantage when it comes to balancing econometric indices. This is because the relative input into the business fundamentals receives positive financial feedback in terms of profitability (Albert & Minogue, 2004).The fact that Ocean Drive-in is in a prime location given its proximity to a high traffic zone. This in addition to the availability of numerous transport forms makes it a preferred location by vacation goers.By virtue of its location next to beach front lines significantly exposes to weather changes, which could at times lead to the significant destruction of existing facilities or closing down for a significant period of time.This are times when America is from experiencing significant economic shocks making most consumers to cut on their consumption on certain commodities, especially luxury items, which Ocean Drive-in appears to have specialised to a great extent. The effort to suit normal tastes could potentially affect its profitability (Albert & Minogue, 2004).Changing consumer tastes could have an impact on its operational capacities given the level of specialization seen especially with regard to the Bagels product line over reliance.



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