The Effect of Individuals on Project Delays

Proactive participation of people and individuals in key project functions usually demands the involvement of supervision and other aspects in formulating working group chemistry. "Finding the right people and ensuring their productive participation in the project effort-that is, knowing when and how to engage the right resources in the right way to gather the right -information-remains a significant challenge" (Means & Adams, 2005). Aspects like this when not well taken care of may significantly lead to the development of significant barriers in the implementation of major project targets.Facilitating new entrants into the existing project processes and initiatives may lead to significant delays in the achievement of project fundamentals (Albert, 2003). This is a factor which usually demands quick adaptation into the existing team framework without disrupting the running of other processes. These new entrants may affect delivery especially when assigned tasks which are at a much developed stage of the project. More research is still underway to uncover the fundamentals of facilitation in regard to the achievement of project goals and targets. In a previous research it was proven that successful facilitation results in the fewer errors and improved performance variables (Albert, 2003).

The effect of temporary and permanent loss of staff has been found to contribute greatly to the slowing of the pace in the achievement of desired project deliverables. For instance in a certain study it was established that there actually exists significant differences in the two in terms of affecting the projects. It was found that temporary loss caused an average slip of nearly four weeks (Kendrick, 2009). This time lapse is significant especially in project where there is need to accomplish certain tasks within a short time. Furthermore, "The most frequently reported reason for short-term loss was a customer problem ('a hot site') related to the deliverable from an earlier project" (Kendrick, 2009).



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