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The hiring process at Boden should incorporate extra measures when hiring in order to keep qualified and efficient employees. The Human Resources Internal recruiting department should recruit continuously even when there are no current openings, this will help avoid inconveniences that may arise from unannounced exit of employees. To tap the best and trustworthy interviewees, the hiring team should consider posting good job descriptions with clear understanding on responsibilities, authority and the expected results. This helps in sieving out try and error applications. The hiring team should ask relevant probing questions, check references and most importantly follow up from their previous employers. This will help come up with extra information including whether a particular interviewee has a tendency of leaving jobs when there is much pressure.

As part of the management, Bill should direct all his energy in the training process in order to establish a reputable team than can uniformly work towards achieving common goals. It is recommendable to adopt different strategies in the hiring process. This includes hiring of many entry-level employees. The fact that they posses little or no experiences make them develop trust and commitment to the company which believed in them when they had little to show to the panel of interviewers. In order to develop a working spirit among the employees, policies regarding what it takes to move up the career ladder should be stipulated. This acts as a target to the employees and they end up working tirelessly in order to deliver quality and ultimately gain favor in the eyes of the management for that promotion.

Employers may decide to stop working if at all they feel that their safety and security needs are being neglected. To reduce turnover rate, the company should circulate questionnaires in order to establish problems that affect the employees which have not yet reached to their attention. To achieve short term and long term goals, planning in an organization works best if at all there is a team working together. This spirit can be hindered if at all there is spontaneous entry and exit of employees. To avoid this, the management should give an authority to the Human Resources Internal recruiting department to employ on contract basis.



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