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Designing and implementing an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is rather challenging. However, the continued raise in emotional and mental health needs increases in the urgency of instituting such programs. In the small sized company, the Employee Assistance Program benefit scheme is approached through the external service structure. Here, the company will contract an external EAP provider for the services. The approach will help by means of cutting on costs as several firms have an option of using one  provider. With the contract, employees from different backgrounds and cultures have to learn how to relate with each other (Sharar & Hertenstien, 2006).

The company’s Employee Assistance Program is designed to help the employees deal with personal problems and disorders that might affect their work performance. As already observed, the program is designed to address such issues as emotional, relational and mental health related concerns. With the day-to-day ups and downs both within the workplace and its external surroundings, employees need assistance in order to help them cope with these problems so as to prevent negative interference at the workplace. This program will not only support the employees, but it will also help their dependants. Participation will remain voluntary, free of charge as well as confidential. In this regard, the company does not have to know of any visits by the employees to the counsellors.

Celebrating Human Diversity

The purpose of addressing human diversity is to help employees relate with each other in an acceptable manner despite a possibility of differences in demographics and cultures (Speroff, 1955). Such programs will help to foster mutual respect for employees. Moreover, understanding of their diversity provides a synergistic working environment. It beats out that the programs help employees to overcome matters of nationality, race, religion, gender, disability and even age while working together. Furthermore, this project applies to all employees no matter the rank to ensure that everyone becomes a team player.

One way of celebrating diversity is by acknowledging major holidays of other nationalities. Only holidays that seem relevant to the employees should be recognised. Thus, management teams might have to highlight the worth of different cultures to employees. This in turn give employees information on various cultures, an aspect that prepares any new employee on how to excel while working with different people.

Holding forums where the employees are invited is also a commendable way to help employees. Similarly, interactive sessions could be involved in order to allow employees to know more about each other. In the case of addressing unusual situations such as anxiety and mood disorders, the organization could provide an employee assistance program that is voluntary and confidential. Such a move would allow every employee and their dependants, access to the program. To prevent employees from getting to the point of seeking counselling, the company offers a suitable working environment. This helps in reducing stress levels that could be caused by working in a strenuous environment.

Professional counsellors will be availed to help the employees cope with any disorders or personal concerns. Where the case cannot be dealt with the counsellors, the provision for further, long-term methods of treatment which will be fully paid for by the company is advocated. If time off from work is required, a sick leave will be given to the employee in question. The benefits enjoyed by the employees and their families other than the employee assistance program includes a medical scheme that the employee will financially contribute to at the end of every month to help pay for medical bills. Moreover, these bills are both for employees and their dependants. This is made mandatory.   However, it depends on the rank of the employee which reflects the pay plan. The rank will determine how much the monthly contribution is. Such schemes help employees to gain access to good and well equipped hospitals.

The company will offer a fitness and health program where employees can access facilities such as gyms at a rated discount. Health programs will help them to take care of their bodies due to the exposure of chemicals where they work. They need this program in order to maintain a healthy and strong body. They get advice on safety precautions, what to put into consideration and at what time. The same plan also helps workers to follow regulations at the workplace since such is emphasized (Sharar & Hertenstien, 2006).

Advice on financial planning will be offered so as to help employees budget and live based on their means. This would ensure that they do not get stressed over financial constraints. In the effort to identify a suitable employee assistance program vendor, it is essential to check all necessary external EAP vendors, and in the event eliminate the vendors who do not offer all the required counselling programs at all their outlets (Rink & Fox, 1999). The short list that remains will then be evaluated on performance and ethics. It is essential that ethics is upheld if employees will gain confidence to visit these vendors. It is consoling for the employee to trust the given counselling provider. The background of the performance of the vendor should be provided to the company for evaluation as the lives of their employees should be placed in safe hands.

We encourage all employees to seek these services. Since the program are to be sourced from qualified vendors, employees would find pleasure to use them, leading to improvements in work performance. 

Employee Assistance Program. Custom Employee Assistance Program Essay Writing Service || Employee Assistance Program Essay samples, help

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