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Virginia Labor Laws

The Virginia Labor Laws are strict and demanding. They require that all organizations treat their employees in the correct manner irrespective of their social, financial, racial and sexual affiliation. The laws forbid one to be harassed or asked a question regarding their sexuality, race or their financial backdrop. The laws have intents of protecting the foreigners, gay employees and those assumed to be of low social status like the disabled.

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Organizations are expected to educate and enlighten their employees based on these sensitive factors. Failure to do this always results to massive and sharp backlash from the law on both an organization and a responsible member of the senior staff.

The consequences of failed training include holding of the whole organization as responsible for the abuse. In such instance and according to the Virginia Labor Laws, the firm is liable to a fine of up to 10,000 US dollars. Hefty fines are applied as a compensation fund for the complainant. The suspect responsible is also liable to a sanction and sometimes a term in prison depending on the level and type of harassment in question. A member of the staff responsible may also be forced to face a disciplinary committee within the firm, which usually leads to flopping of their careers. This happens as managers and supervisors in charge, and those who fail to control or manage any type of harassment are held responsible.

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Justification of the Approach

The Virginia Labor Laws are in accordance with the Commonwealth approach to the Management of the Labor Conflicts. The approach is aimed at managing any type of harassment and ensures the workers’ rights and freedoms are observed. The type of harassment mentioned here includes sexual, gender and racial. The approach in which the supervisors, managers or any third party are allowed to withhold any of the employee’s rights in return for any type of favor amounts to harassment and ends in suffering of the employee. The seniors in an organization have the capacity to create a hostile environment for the workers, if any regulations are not put in place (Storey 2008). The Virginia State as a free employer state may experience situations where employees lack justice in such instances. The instance mentioned herein may be dismissal on such unfounded basis and wrongfully amounted facts.

Management has a responsibility of protecting each and every worker in their organization. In this context, it becomes right that any senior personnel in an organization who notes a sense of any kind of harassment but fails to act be taken and held responsible. This approach allows everybody within an organization to be vigilant in protecting each other’s rights and privilege. The Virginia Labor Laws ensure for the provision of this make up of the law to all by suggesting that the presiding manager and the organization be held responsible for any act inconsistent with the underplayed policies.

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The Virginia Labor Laws acts further provide the Human Resource Department with the legal authority of interpreting all the laws and policies that may seem unclear or hidden. This allows for all employees in the organization to get a proper grip of their rights and responsibilities. This in   a wide perspective allows all responsible individuals to escape pitfalls and confrontations with the law.

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