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Legalizing Marijuana

Marijuana has been used in varied cultures to treat diseases and ailments through out history with Great civilizations such as China and America using it for treating chronic illness. Presently, it is used medicinal purposes such as cancer, multiple sclerosis, AIDs, and glaucoma treatment. There are both pros and cons or legalizing marijuana. Advantages of its legalization are that medical practitioners and patients would use it with no fear of legal ramification. However, as much as it is used as a curative it has led to millions of people suffer health wise and socially.

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Pot, Weed, bud, marijuana or Cannabis sativa, or whichever name it is called it is still illegal to prescribe or have it in the US. Despite its illegality, Marijuana is an intoxicating and hallucinogenic plant with varied uses. This has led to a great debate that is going on presently in U.S.

Many people in support of the legalization believe that the cost in maintaining illegality of marijuana is high which is contrary to the truth. The marijuana use, be  it medicinally or general use is associated with the use of a large sum of money that goes to waste rather than used to invest in profitable projects. Most users are forced to spent huge sums of money in order to get access to the drug. Some of them end up being thugs in order to satisfy this need depriving the government millions and taking cash out of the money cycle. Due to the addictive nature of the drug, one might go to the extent of even killing in order to get the money to purchase the drugs. The costs incurred when one undergoes medication are quite high, a lot of time and money is spent in treating what we can actually avoid in the first place. The costs involved range from financial, health, physical to societal.

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A recent research has shown that the use of marijuana causes very many complications both mentally and physical. If marijuana is legalized then, most of the youth who are currently non-users may end up consuming the drug. This will deprive America a healthy nation. Marijuana affects ones mental health, making it easy for a person to commit any sought of crime leading to multiple violence in the nation. The mind of a person under marijuana is controlled making it difficult for one to be keen when driving leading to increase in the number of highway carnage. These accidents could have well been avoided only if strict measures would have been put in place against the use of marijuana. A survey recently carried in the US on night drivers indicates that 8.6% of the drivers tested positive of marijuana, which is very alarming as it shows the highest probability of accidents that can happen due to careless driving because of marijuana. In another study, it is revealed that 26% of seriously injured drivers tested positive of marijuana clearly indicating that most of the accidents occur because of drivers who are under the influence of marijuana. Therefore, it can be observed that the use of marijuana cannot only cause mental disorder but also physical harm and even death.

It is observed that marijuana is very addictive. When legalized, most people including youngsters would go for it. Due to this addiction, many school dropouts will be witnessed. According to Khan, marijuana addiction affects ones concentration level leading to drop in grades. Due to its high costs, many students will have to take leaves or sneak out of class to find money to quench their thirst leading to truancy. Besides, when a person is under the influence of pot, balancing the two forces of good and evil inside one is hard. This may lead to a series of social ills that could be avoided. Marijuana legalization will lead to lack of control of ones senses and instinct. They will end up as social misfits leading to juvenile delinquency. Theorists have argued that use of marijuana leads to other hard drugs in what they call ‘a gateway theory’. In that, the use of heroin starts by abusing marijuana dues to its availability.

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Every human being in US was born with the right to make concrete decisions. All of us have choices to make but how we make them is the important thing. The legalization of marijuana is a burning issue that will not be solved easily. Two sides of the debate will always exist. However, it is for the best interest that US keeps it illegal. Marijuana will lead to more harm than good to its citizens. Legalizing bhang will be against what the US stands for as a world leader in fighting drugs. In addition, the drug has been in the society for long. Thus, changing its status would negatively affect the society in the end. In the short run, it may lead to reduced criminal activities but in the end, this will bring a health hazard just like cigarettes. All said the purposeful use of marijuana for the good of the user should be recommended such as for medicinal purpose.

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