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Statistics have shown a general decline in the crime rate in the Atlanta Georgia state in the recent few years. Some of the reported cases of theft include robbery, shoplifting, and burglary, receiving of the goods that have been stolen and other forms of violation. There can be other forms of crime apart from the listed which can be categorized as theft. Above the statistical evidence showing a general decline, there are some places in GA that can be considered theft hotspots.

The federal bureau of investigations (FBI) compiles the crime statistics for GA State. According to the crime reported that was issued in the year 2007 by FBI, there were around 240,000 theft cases in the entire Georgia state in the whole of 2007. The report also indicates that at least 40,000 vehicles were stolen. In Fulton County, the cases that were reported to police indicate that in the year 2007, the criminal homicide offence reported 129 cases, rape had 148 cases, aggravated assault reported 4,221 cases, auto theft had 7,020 cases, robbery had 3,557 cases, burglary had 8,859 cases reported, and larceny reported 20,353. In total there were 44,307 criminal cases reported in 2007.

Despite the reports cases being lower compared to the previous year, the kind of hard facts presented by the data show that theft is still major problem in the Georgia state and the Fulton count in general.



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