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The Civic War

Immediately before the Civic War in America, close to 4 million African Americans were enslaved and were living in the lower southern part of USA. Most of the slaves worked in plantation farming where their main production included sugar, cotton, rice, and tobacco. Few of these slaves were from African origin due to the ban of official transportation of the slaves from Africa into the US territory as from 1808. The operation was not fully stopped as there was still smuggling of the slaves to the nation.

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Most individuals who survived the brutal torture by the traders were taken to the Caribbean Island   or Central and South America. Brazil imported approximately five million African slaves individually. This form of migration is currently referred to African Diaspora and it has become one of the fatal human tragedies (Hatt, 2007). The slavery is perceived to be against humanity therefore the ban of the international trade in the economy has attributed to tremendous reduction in the atrocity. It is of importance for the authorities and individuals in power to culminate zero-tolerance to slavery in order to achieve efficiency in the economic trade. 

In the case of Nazi Germany war; the holocaust, Jewish were exposed to human atrocity by the Nazi rulers and more than six million Jewish individuals succumbed to death.  The Jewish, in memory of their deceased individuals, decided to establish a holocaust memorial museum in the US. The museum aimed at recuperating from the tragedy by ensuring that the victims of the massacre were remembered. Such tragedy was peculiar and many individuals lost their lives through the oppression by the Nazi rulers. In addition to holocaust memorial museum, in New Zealand there is Auckland War Memorial Museum where all the military history of the region can be accessed.

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In order to preserve culture in US, Texas memorial museum was erected.  Its main objective is to create awareness of the intertwining biological, environmental and geological forces which had an upper hand in shaping the world as a whole. Museums are built to show a given tangible tragedy, for instance, in the case of holocaust memorial museum the slaves were brutally murdered and the sculptures of their bodies were carved to show this effect. In the case of slavery, it was difficult to design a museum and the sculptures of individuals who were enslaved. Only the slave trade commodities can be available in museums.

Museums, like the holocaust memorial museum, are of importance as it provides knowledge of the ancient history; both in cultural form and the oppression by the ruling elites. The ancient artifacts and the sculptures give an individual sense of the extinct civilization and adherence to the species that has evolved character wise and also in intelligence.  Museums educates individual on the happenings that were experienced in the ancient times and how we can avoid, by taking the required measurements, history from repeating itself (Meltzer, 2001).

Slavery museums will enhance individuals who were not knowledgeable on the ancient happenings to understand its adverse impacts and design ways in which we can effectively illegalize slavery. It will also provide an individual with the knowledge of the techniques in which the traders used when capturing and transporting slaves to other countries. Museums enhance the understanding of the common slavery routes that were followed when enacting the now illegal slave trade.

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Marable argues that integration among the ancient slave-trading countries needs to be articulated in order to realize total freedom.  The museum will provide an imperative education to individuals in order to achieve the freedom we deserved. The issue of black theory of justice will be eliminated and reparations will be efficient tool that will maneuver in between the social injustices in order to realize the desired freedom.

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