Hitler Plans To Crush Poland

1) What is this document? Who is the author, when was it produced or written, and what was the context in which it was produced?

The document that I have chosen is Document 20 that is titled "Hitler Plans To Crush Poland" that was written in the year 1939 the month of May 23rd, by Fuhrer who in a conference with the head of the armed forces. In the article Fuhrer tends to address the cause of the Second World War at a different angle (perspective), which in this case the document argues that the cause of the Second World War was as a result of the rivalry that existed between Germany and Poland which are countries that border each other.

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In the document the writer highlighted on the plans of Adolph Hitler the then German leader who saw Poland as the main enemy of his country and the only way in which he would suppress the activities of Poland was through the launching a war that would take Poland to its knees and prevent the country from being more powerful and emerging as a stronger nation than German.

There are a lot of different told stories and theories that highlighted on the causes of the Second World War, and the story from Fuhrer is one significant reason that provides the readers with a precise reason for the cause of the Second World War (Overy, Document 20). In the article Fuhrer explicitly explained on the conflict that exists between these two neighboring countries as the real cause of the Second World War. This is from the comment of Hitler when he stated that "The Pole is not a fresh enemy. Poland will always be on the side of our adversaries. In spite of treaties of friendship Poland has always been bent on exploiting every opportunity against us" (Overy, Document 20). These comments were very dangerous as they resulted to the increased hatred between these two countries that consequently led to the rivalry between these countries as each country was trying to protect its citizens, integrity, territory and boundaries.

2) Why is it significant? Why would it be included in a book about the origins of the Second World War?

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The article has a very great significant in the history about the Second World War, this will be truly be reflected in the books as it provides a different angle of the cause of the war. The article has highlighted on the historical relationship between these two neighboring countries and from the comments that were stated by Hitler it has provided a clear picture that these two countries clearly dislike each other and either of the country is waiting for a very slim opportunity in order to attack the other (Overy, Document 20). The chance was exposed when Hitler addressed the nation and told the nation that Poland was a very dangerous nation that was against prosperity of Germany. This resulted to the war that lasted a longtime and eventually led to the Second World War as it attracted other nations that were allies of these conflicting countries and were also having interests in the country.

The article by Fuhrer is more important in it was included in the book and highlights on the causes of the Second World War; this is because it provides the readers with a new perspective (angle) that resulted to the Second World War. At the same time shifting the attention from the them super powers including the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) and the united states of America (USA) that were seen as the major contributors in the Second World War (Overy, Document 20). This is as a result of these countries fighting for the recognition and the control of the worlds market; thus making it impossible to highlight the contributions of these countries in these super powers on the Second World War.

3) What conclusions can be drawn from this document? What does it tell you about the origins of the war?

In conclusion, that this document clearly states that Germany was the country that caused the Second World War; this is a true argument as it explains the happenings then and links them to the war. The document has also stated that Hitler was the main individual that triggered the Second World War and that was from the speech that he delivered to the country as a result of the unfaithful relationship between his country and Poland (Overy, Document 20). The invasion of the German soldiers in Poland was seen as the main trigger of the Second World War; this is because Poland couldn't just sit and watch as the Germans attack their nation.

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The continued war between these nations attracted more and more states in to participating in the war since they were allies from other parts of the world. This alignment magnified the war and as a result of making the countries to solve there differences thus the war erupted and claimed a lot of human lives.

It is clear that the article highlighted on regional rivalry was the main cause of the Second World War. This being one aspect apart from the international rivalry, economic depressions, and ideological differences were some of the differences caused the Second World War (Overy, Document 20). The invasion by Hitler into Poland in attempts aimed at ensuring Poland powers were monitored so as not to create a threat to German.

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