Taiwan Belongs to China

Taiwan country has approximately an area of 36.18959km (13,973 sq.mi).The indigenous occupant came from Austronesia and south Asia. Migrant from Chinese mainland begun in early A.D. 500.Nethrand traders were the first people to claim the island as they found the areas as a suitable site to trade with Japan and China coast. Later on after two year Spanish settled in the northwest cost of the Taiwan and occupied the land till 1642 when they were driven off by the Dutch. It is during this period when the Chinese started migrating from China mainland due to the political and economic chaos on china coast during the Manchu invasion and the end of Ming dynasty.

In 1664 group led by Ming loyalist Ch'eng-kung migrated from china and settled in Taiwan. Cheng drove off the Dutch and established the land as the baser in attempt to revive the Ming dynasty. He was succeeded by the Manchu (Qing dynasty) after his death in 1683.The Qing dynasty ruled Taiwan but later in 1875 he divided Taiwan into two that is the north Taiwan and South Taiwan. In 1887 the island was made a separate Chinese province. As the Chinese immigrant increased in number the indigenous groups were replaced and Chinese became the due dominant. In 1895, a weakened imperial china ceded Taiwan to Japan in a treaty of Shimoneseki following the first Sino-Japanese war. From 1895 to 1945 the Japan extended huge effort in developing the Taiwan's economy. In addition the Japan initiated Japanization which was geared with introduction of compulsory Japanese education and forcing Taiwan to adopt Japanese names (Warmer).

At the end of the second world war, Taiwan felt dissatisfied by the Chinese rule and they took a step further to revert Chinese rule and this lead to brake of the  violence. Chinese troops killed thousand of individual that accelerated the bitterness of the native Taiwanese. Civil war was fought between Chiang Kai-shek's KMT government and Chinese communist party lead by Mao Zedong until 1949 and homeless military and business community settled in Taiwan and transformed Taiwan from agricultural oriented to a commercial, industrial economy. Taiwan's has expanded its trading capacity which has strengthened its standing in the global economy

Evidence that Taiwan belongs to china.

For many years many legal researchers in North America, Europe and Japan has not come out with clear illustration and strategies to show where Taiwan belongs. These continent claims that Taiwan does not belong to China. This unclear understanding is due to the fact that they are unfamiliar with customary laws of welfare of the post Napoleonic period. Nowadays clear understanding exist as to where Taiwan belongs, this is due to wide variety of information available and captured and posted online. The citizens can now readily access information on introduction and outline for modern Taiwanese history which explains and clearly illustrates all the relevant details of what happened and what is currently happening today in Taiwan. Online information gives the citizen clear understanding as to whom Taiwan currently belongs.

The location of Taiwan in the eastern pacific just east of the south-central coast of china, the island of Taiwan comprises most of the land area of the nation known officially as the republic of china  or the nationalist china, free china, the republic of China on Taiwan, the republic of Taiwan but most often referred to as Taiwan. The advocates of the Taiwan independence has tried to revert to its traditional name Formosa on the grounds that Taiwan has too much of Chinese pronunciation in it. Some other independence advocates have also recommended use of the name 'Kitalegan' instead of Taiwan or any other name for the island or nation. This debate among the Taiwan nationals and independent advocates also in one way or the other tends to justify the claim that Taiwan belongs to china. In fact Chinese leaders in Beijing regard Chinese not as nation but rather a territory belonging to the peoples republic of china. In addition to these the Chinese refer the island of Taiwan, the Pescadores and some other islands close to Taiwan as 'Taiwan province'. This shows how strong the claim that Taiwan belongs to china is taken by the government of the china (cooper 1).

At one instance the government of Taiwan had hinted on one china policy and claimed that china belongs to it and that the government in Beijing is illegitimate. The question that arises thus is why did Taiwan espoused on china policy in stead of one Taiwan policy? My view is that even the government in Taiwan acknowledges that Taiwan is a province of People's Republic of china. The fact that government officials in Taiwan and Beijing had talked of reunification in future also suggests that Taiwan belonged to china in the past. Shui-bian a member of Democratic Progressive Party after being elected as president of Taiwan in 2000 had refused to declare independence of Taiwan from china although the events that followed in indicated that legal separation from china was his intention. After the DPP lost power to Nationalist Party or Kuomintang (KMT) hence formally splitting from china. Taiwan status being part of china still divides the country's leadership and its population. Political parties, civil society groups and the nationals portray different and often clashing views on independence of Taiwan. Divided views and non- acceptance by the people is by itself an evidence that Taiwan belongs to china (Cooper 2).

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Considering that Japan ceded Taiwan in the SFPT, that is the treaty of Taipei in August 5, 1952 shows that Japan ceded Taiwan to China. When Chiang-kai=Shek was defeated by Mao Tse Tung the army fled to an island of Formosa and there they put their force and asked for reinforcement from neighboring Japanese and American government so as not to be invaded by China government. This does not mean that the Taiwan was completely independent nation and didn't require any reinforcement from Chinese government. Even though the Taiwan gets its weapon from USA, it has not been currently accepted and recognized by any country as independent nation. It is really Taiwan that put itself in its current position in the first place. The legal document and treaty would help Taiwan if it decides to claim membership in china government. Recent information show that even US government has accepted to whom Taiwan currently belongs.

This is clearly shown when the president George w. Bush on April 25, 2001 stated the US commitment to Taiwan as an obligation to use whether it took to help Taiwan defend herself. The president in his speech also mentions that,"a declaration of independence is not the one China policy, and we will work with Taiwan to make sure that this does not happen". The president re-emphasized the statement when he visited Beijing in February 2002, by saying that the policy on Taiwan was unchanged and his government will continues its effort in ensuring peaceful resolution along with opposition to provocation by either Beijing or Taipei. Later on the US National Security Council reversed the response by stating that they do not support Taiwan independence.

This response occurred after Taiwan president Chen Shuiban said that there is one country on each side of the Taiwan Strait. In addition in October 2002, with Jiang Zemin at his side at a summit in Crawford, TX, president Bush himself stated that the US government is not supporting Taiwan independence. The two statement from president Bush himself and that of the US National security council raised numerous question as whether the Bush administration has adjusted US policy after president Chen Shui-bian surprised the United State with a speech one country on each side. It was unclear as to whether United States was against or opposed unilateral moves in Taiwan toward independence, in the interest of stability in Taiwan (Shirley 28).

The notion that Taiwan belonged to China was further reinforced by the Nixon's five principles which illustrated the neutral stance. The administrator has numerous concerns about the actual stand of current and future political actions in Taiwan taking into consideration the Taiwan government has put in place in its reforms geared for governance versus sovereignty. It's now clear that opposition to any unilateral decision by China or Taiwan to change the status quo, as well as to opposition to effort by Taiwan president Chen to change status quo.China has long feared that the United States and Japan would be against Taiwan reunification due to their geo-political and ideological reason. This explains why China put a lot of emphasis toward opposing internalization of Taiwan issue. Also there is a traditional belief among the Austronesia that their ancestors didn't come from the Asian mainland but from the south which added weight that the Taiwan belongs to the China.

 Recently the evidence is further strengthened by gene test which shows that the Austronesia group shared some gene with Helko majority. This test shows that majority of pre-Kuomintang Chinese in Taiwan are of Austronesia ancestry (Lijun 217). However, those who supported the annexation of Taiwan by the peoples republic of China has also managed to use the case of the Austronesia inhabitant of Taiwan for their own cause. This shows that the Taiwan was previously the province of China which came under Chinese administration in late 17th century gaining the provincial status in 1880s and most of the population belonging to Chinese community. This clearly shows that majority of the Austronesia's inhabitants originally came from the south Chinese mainland. The notion is too evidenced and proven right by the recent archeological evidence that show similar results. Also some pro-annexon supporters clearly illustrates that there was some cultural similarities between the Austronesia in Taiwan and some minority group in mainland China.

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Linguistic evidence also shows that he Taiwan belongs to China. The evidence shows that the island was the homeland of Proto-Austronesia, the place where its speakers 6,000 years ago began to spread all over Southeast Asia, the Pacific and Madagascar. Before migration of recent Austronesia the early Austronesia's must have originated from mainland China. The existence of the early Austronesia's is evidenced by about 8,000 years' old archeological sites (Carsten 22). demonstrates that there is a geographical and historical trail of archeological sites beginning in south China and moving to Taiwan and other areas around china. Even though little linguistic evidence is available to confirm that Taiwan belongs to china the little information relevant evidences this. This is because cultural and linguistic extinction did not fully occur in coastal regions of southern china as well as in Peng-hu islands (Pescadores) on much large scale.


Since the break up of the Taiwan from china there has been a serious debate as to whether really Taiwan belongs to china. The nationals and d the leadership of Taiwan until date hold different views on this issue while china also feels that Taiwan is one of its provinces this is despite the fact that Taiwan has been accepted in the United Nations as republic. In fact debates still exists in the future unification of Taiwan and china such that the 'greater china' becomes one country again. Political, social, cultural, historical and linguistic arguments have been brought forward by several scholars who argue that Taiwan belongs to China. This paper has tried to argue on those lines in favor of the statement Taiwan belongs to china.

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