Industrial Revolution in Great Britain

The industrial revolution was one of the most phenomenal eras of world history. This particular event in the lives of human individuals around the globe shaped the different cultures and the different attitudes of human individuals towards industrial development and work ethics all at the same time. It also created a more definitive approach in shaping the entire society towards handling the different challenges that life itself offers in accordance with the pressures that industrial revolution opens. Believably, this is the same process by which the British society handed industrial challenges on their end.

It is during the 18th century that the different changes in the industrial setup of Great Britain took place towards the indicative operations that assisted the whole community in creating a good picture of success for the entire country. The challenges that the era of industrial revolution offered practically created a notion of consideration that the coming years of development right after the industrial revolution would actually take a definite change towards social improvement.

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Among the most important indicators of change is that of the development when it comes to the changes in the gender role recognition that exists in the society. The understanding that men and women have separate roles and responsibilities based on their physical capabilities have gradually changed hence giving way to the redefinition of the role of women. This redefinition opened the doors towards women liberation. With this liberation considered, more individuals were already employed and are able to generate proper profit thus increasing the capability of the entire nation to generate expansive revenue for the national economy.

Snooks’ article on Was the Industrial Revolution Necessary defined the different elements that were considered part of the years of industrial revolution that basically created the kind of society that human individuals are living in at present. Through this article, Snooks presented how the evolution of gender role recognition has taken different steps of development that allowed the social chance of reformation especially when it comes to Great Britain’s capability to handle the deep challenges of the era. The author further notes that this redefined the role of human individuals from simply being creatures of personal survival towards becoming individuals of economic goals. Humans were noted to be brought to understand life and their worth in connection with it through the role that they are taking in connection with the economy’s development. (2000, 33)

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Meanwhile Pollard (1981) further shifted the focus on the production of machines that basically enhanced the process of production. According to him, through this evolution in the field of manufacturing process, the number of humans working in factories was reduced while they are shifted to other labor needs that required manual assistance. It is through this change that the overall role of humans in factories and automated manufacturing systems began to take a huge shift from manual towards automated controlling responsibilities (44). Yes, this particular social development during the era of industrial revolution in Great Britain lead to further progress on the part of humans gaining much considerations in further improving machines and their functions in the society. This is one of the most important passed-on culture of this era towards the current years of massive production and manufacturing that the world economy depends upon.

Chambliss (1973) on the other hand provided a vivid explanation on what the downside of industrial revolution may have in connection with the effects that it imposes on the world relations especially in Great Britain. One of the said disadvantages is the crashing of human relationships (46). As mentioned, the focus of the society during these years of industrial improvement is on the furthering of the economic stability of each country. This further created pressure on the lives of the human individuals living within the societies that practically involved massive measures of advancement especially when it comes to undermining the society for the sake of getting the best revenue possible out of the works and efforts of the people. Likely, industrial revolution created pressure upon local workers living in rural areas when it comes to pushing them to their limits for the sake of survival (48). The indication of the said pressure created a huge gap among humans and the ways by which they handled their responsibilities as part of several relationships that they shared with other individuals.

This is the reason why Chambiss noted that one of the most dreadful effects of industrial revolution is the immediate shift of interest that humans intended to realize especially when it comes to handling responsibilities towards their families, their marriage mates, and their children (89). Basically, the shift of priorities made it easier for humans to decide to put more effort and time for work that they are  willing to spend time and effort in creating more established and stronger relationships with their loved ones.

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Yes, the truths noted within this documentation have not only been recognized as part of the changes in the society concerning Great Britain’s way of facing the different challenges of the era of industrial revolution. Basically, the picture of society presented herein involved that of the scene that enveloped the whole world during the 18th century of human history and the changes that the era left in the culture recognized by the current human generations.

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