African American History


The African American society has been noted as the separate brother of the White Americans. Both living in the same region sharing the same resources for survival, these separated colors were supposed to be connected brothers and yet they live separately when it comes to the characteristics they have, may it be political or social in nature. Basically, these differences have practically been sourced out from a long line of history in the past.

African Americans and White Americans have a particular relational problem that has grown based from the basic origin of racial segregation besides skin color as it is. Surely, the roots of the tension that has been built up between the said groups of individuals have practically been considered as the main reason behind the increased sense of separation that has been developing in the country and has been observed prevalent in the American society up to this day.

Within the discussion that follows, a discussion on the history that has bounded the African Americans in the situation that practically involved the said racial group in different issues that has practically provided them a reputation that has made it harder for them to get into an equalized society that America at present tries to make a good reputation of. Through the discussion below, it is expected that the source of the prevalence of separation in the American society could be better identified and given attention to as basis of the studies that are to be handled in connection with the social analysis that needs to be given way to note why the separation in the society prevails and how it could practically be effectively dealt with by those who are in the position to handle the separation.

Who are the African Americans?

The African Americans are noted to be among the slave class that has been kept as servants to the white lords. Apparently, it could be observed that through the pages of history, the implications of slavery among the black American race has insisted on the oppression that has bounded the said race separately different from the provisions and the supposed “glory” that the White Americans used to enjoy. Why so much separation or segregation of the Whites from the Blacks?

It has been noted through research that people of the past used to believe that the white race have a more glorifying status in comparison with that of the individuals belonging to the black race simply due to the skin color that they have. Moreover, it has also been recognized through history that the white race has practically evolved and improved earlier than that of the black race. Surely, the discovery that the White Americans have in connection with the evolvement of the Black Americans has provided a good sense of what possible advantages could be taken from the chance of utilizing the strength and the big built of the Black Americans to further build up the development of the country against that of the other nations that they were up against during the years of worldwide imperialism.

From the discovery of the African Americans from the seven regions that they were found from, the African Americans began to be dispersed to different areas of the world namely that of Britain, Canada and the entirety of Europe. Through this particular fact in history, the slavery of African Americans has practically grown into higher percentage as the development of the number of “lords” wanting their service also have grown much greedier and much more instinctive in considering the possibility of getting a slave who would be able to tend to their farms, handle their cattle and other works and chores at home which they think are works of lawless individuals who are considered low in level of reputation and do not deserve to receive any particular respect.

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In connection with this, the African Americans were then treated differently and were given less provision. All they were are practically considerable indications of what social inequality is all about. Understandably then, because of this, the said group of race in the society has developed a want to become free of the oppressions that they were experiencing. Certainly, it could be noticed that there are different situations that moved these people to be together in spirit and in opinion and be able to get through the idea of being well endowed with the chance of regaining the freedom that they deserve and reliving the life that belongs to them as free citizens and not as slaves of the white Americans and British lords who wanted to keep them as servants of no worth.  Through time, matters change and somewhat, these changes have become more and more implicative in the process of giving the slaves a better sense of what they are, of who they are and of realizing the worth that they have in the society as humans and not as individuals who were reprimanded, commanded and directed as to what they should do and what they should not, of what they ought to have and what they would likely not be able to have because of the status that they have in the society as slaves and not as ordinary people who have rights to living in a free world.

Redeemed from Oppression

As an answer to the plea of remarkable African Americans such as Prince Hall, American Presidents Thomas Jefferson, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln tried their best to deal with the law and make the White lords free their slaves and bring back life to the African Americans who were held for a very long time serving the needs and the wants as well as the demands of their lords during the remarkable years of slavery in the history of the American society’s past.

First in line of the changes is that of the Declaration of Independence under the presidency of Thomas Jefferson, this practically made a great sense of what the real sense of freedom was all about. Through this declaration, hundreds of slaves were freed and set towards the streets of America given the proper piece of freedom that they need to find a life of their own which would satisfy their supposed role and purpose in life. This was later on followed by the imposed barring of slavery on the part of George Washington. Somehow, it could be noticed that it has been through this barring that a partial cessation of the release of the slaves from all the different regions in America that were noted to be still bringing about the possibility of releasing numbers of people from the said regions that have been flagged as sources of slaves exchanged for money in the field of international trade.

The constitutional convention of 17897 further imposes a good sense of what the real newly reestablished America is all about. The insisted equality among the people living in the country has been the main characteristic of this law that allowed the chance for the African Americans to get the best of what they deserve as part of the American society especially during the reinstatement of the 14th Amendment which declared the equal rights that the African Americans have from that of the rights enjoyed by the white Americans as per suggested by the full citizenship granted to the Black minorities.

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It could be observed though that even though there were these particular changes in the society, discrimination still prevailed. Up to this day, discrimination between whites among blacks in the American region still directly exists. Surely, the instance by which freedom is recognized in the American region practically was not that much able to find the most effective in compressing the thought that insists on the chance of making everyone fit in the society as they are supposed to be. Hence, up to this day, African Americans in the American region still feel oppressed in some certain ways, even now that the president, Barrack Obama is already in position. In fact, the president himself receives criticisms that question his capability to lead due to the race that he belongs to.


It could be noticed that racial separation is an obvious matter that exists in many different communities around the globe. However, it could be noted though that somehow, this discrimination issue is obviously evident in the American region then up until now. Definitely, it could be observed that the laws and the created guidelines by the authorities in the position who had the power to make the changes.

Basically, it could be observed that even though there were some notes of development in the process of treating the minorities of the society, the role that the history have on the lives of the race of African Americans affects so much the present treatment that the African Americans from the races that used to enslave them in the arms of oppression.

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