The Greed of Our Game

At the NFL players association has opted to move out earlier because they want the officials to come up with a collective agreement concerning their welfare at the club. Commissioner Roger Goodell has stated that since the club is undergoing a major crack down it will negotiate with the players association so that they can continue playing games without any kind of interruption in the next season. Nonetheless, the president quoted that, "We have guaranteed three more years of NFL football,” In his speech he reminds the official that since this a new contract rather than the one owners of the club had reinstated therefore, the club is not in dire straits. However the agreement and thus the officials are trying to get a more fair and equitable deal for the players (Thomsons, 2003). However, the 2006 agreement allowed either side to negate the contract by Nov. 8. Goodell said the owners acted early "to get talks rolling."The Green packers NFL has notified its players association that it had opted out of the existing combined agreement that could lead to a combined season without any salary cap within 2010 and the possibility extension to 2011. However, an executive director Gene had earlier anticipated the termination of the contract saying that he had earlier met with the owners of the association and asked about the financial reports for which he wanted them to document a couple of their economic problems.

NFL officials and the players earlier had a collective representative where there was agreement between the players and the officials over the deal which was to take effect at 2011. But in a speech it was said that there will be a lockout that could probably cancel part of the 2011 games among the players. "I have to believe there is going to be some delay in the season," Waters, a four-time Pro Bowler and reigning NFL Man of the Year, said with a bit of resignation in his voice "It's just a matter of whether it's going to impact the training camp or the season, I don't know. Because everything has to be reconstructed, it's going to take some time, and at the pace we're going right now, we're not getting anything major done”. Nonetheless, the owner of the club had also cited the increase costs in construction and the maintenance of the new stadium thus the club was to reduce the number of players to about 60% over the total revenue they receive (Nowells, 2005). These allegations did not impress the players at all and they disagreed because of the money the board was requesting them to take in return. The owner stated that “There's always going to be a (disagreement) on the percentage between the players and owners," Waters said, "but I believe the owners are the ones who have issues on how they split their part of the pie, and they have decided to lay it on us to make up for it."However the players felt wasted and they opted for a lockout since all their allowances had been terminated and the matches were also very minimal. In a statement Goodell said “Networks are not going to pay you for games you don't play,". So you have to pay the money back. I hear the question, but no one finishes the sentence. It's the way it's been structured for the past several decades (Ginkins, 2007). Money is obligated by the networks to be paid to the NFL, and if the games aren't played, the product they are paying for, they want to be reimbursed, and that's a process we'll go through. The players on the other side wanted to know the actual amount they would be offered for playing the next 2 games and thus outweigh the risks of injuries they had gotten during the last played 16 games (Bengals 2001).

Green Bay Packers have decided be careful so that their players association will not be damaged like for the pro basket ball club and pro base ball who initially had quarrels and disagreements with their players and the management. The players association has come up with failed proceedings that the players are being cut off their allowances in order to help build the stadia. They claim that the old bargaining had a lot than what they are receiving now as the allowances. This issue has raised a lot of tension since the club officials are not concerned about that and they are not giving the players what they used to get. However “The union has not said it will go along with an 18-game regular season; various players around the NFL have questioned whether it's a good idea”. This aspect has drawn various allegations for the players who do not want anything to happen they are focusing on several matters that are of mutual benefits to them for example they have, “focused on several matters, including a longer regular season, a rookie wage scale and improvements for retired players” (Tor,2008).

A quote by Vince Lombardi says, "I firmly believe that any man's finest hour, the greatest fulfillment of all that he holds dear, is that moment when he has worked his heart out in a good cause and lies exhausted on the field of battle - victorious."He also quotes that” It’s easy to have faith in yourself and have discipline when you're a winner, when you're number one. What you got to have is faith and discipline when you're not a winner." These words are meant to encourage the Green Packers to work hard even when there is hardship in the management. They should not tire but work extra mile for the best is yet to come. More so, the players have dedicated their efforts to the club and even though they are asking for a better remuneration they are eager of winning games. The fans have also have extended their majority cheers to even paying more tickets to watch the game and also encouraging them to put more efforts on the game. Nonetheless, the head office has a role in checking the player’s welfare both in injuries and payment they ought to save their players so that they do no miss the most important players in the league (Cohen, 2008).

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