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The passengers on a plane can be classified into different categories based on different criteria. These may include gender, age, and reason of travel among other criteria. This paper will classify these passengers using the ‘Purpose of travel’ criteria. There may be many reasons as to why the passengers are travelling to the various destinations worldwide and a few of the reasons for travelling on a plane will be highlighted in the following paragraphs.

First, there are those passengers who are on board a flight headed for a holiday or tour to one of the holiday destination across the world. In this case, the passengers will have catered for their own air ticket, which will be somehow costly, but because they are in a position to afford the cost, they chose to buy the ticket. These passengers will most certainly fly first class because they are travelling for pleasure and therefore they will look for the most comfortable means of travel. On most occasions, you will find that these passengers travel alongside with their families, say wife and child(ren) numbering not more than two. These passengers who travel for pleasure or fun are very few in number, and those who do can afford it. They also travel to posh destinations which are also costly; hence they are the rich and well off.

Secondly,, there are the passengers who travel to other countries on business functions. You may find that these are sent by their companies or organizations to represent them in meetings or functions that are taking place in the different place on the globe, hence the need to be airlifted to that destination. For these, you will find that their expenses are being catered for by the company or organization that they represent. Depending on the financial status of the organization, they may find themselves flying first class or business class. Some of these passengers are mostly the CEOs and top management of the organizations. These may be accompanied by aides or secretaries in their journey.

A third category of passengers who may be found on the flight include the students. These are basically travelling to a destination for academic purposes, say an International University in another country that is unreachable by road. This category of passengers usually caters for their own air tickets and because they have other financial obligations ahead of them in terms of tuition fees among others, they will tend to fly economy class so as to get the best rates. Usually, students do not travel often and therefore do not make up a large number of the passengers on the flight.

Yet another group of passengers that may be found on board the flight may be that travelling for specialized medical treatment in a different specific country where that service is offered. Not very many of these passengers may be found on board a particular flight but they are present nevertheless. These are usually accompanied by their loved ones and maybe a personal doctor to monitor their conditions while aboard the flight.

People on Airplane. Custom People on Airplane Essay Writing Service || People on Airplane Essay samples, help

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