Yoga Tourism

There is a great business potential in creating pilgrimage places for yoga tourism. For instance, yoga tourism has given the city of Mysore a special global recognition as a tourism destination. Indeed, the economic gains have been quite tremendous within the last few years to the extent that the small city that was formerly known for lazily grazing animals has turned around into a fertile tourism site (Zimmer 1972). This can be replicated elsewhere, especially in the world’s re-known tourist destinations. For instance, Eastern Africa is best known for its spectacular wildlife that attracts millions of people from all continents every year. As such, putting in place the necessary infrastructure in Eastern Africa would seriously boost the region as a yoga tourism destination (Flood, 1996). This is particularly significant considering that the region is already well established in terms of publicity and international awareness. Besides, there already exists adequate accommodation that would suffice an influx of tourists (Maehle 2006). Ideally, this will provide employment opportunities as well as encourage domestic tourism in the individual countries. Besides, India as the country of origin for yoga could greatly benefit by developing other areas as yoga tourism sites similar to the city of Mysore. Indeed, the country could make great economic strides if it keenly invests in this sector of tourism, considering the quality of yoga tourism they would offer is unrivalled. Besides, it would make them create a better international awareness of the Indian religious culture that remains largely obscured to most of the world (Singh 2008).

The stakeholders must urgently embark on raising public awareness to popularize yoga as a form of tourism. This is the only way they will exploit the economic Klondike that largely remains unexploited. This must be done through several workshops, seminars, and presentations to the local communities all over the world. For instance, the civil society and various non-governmental organizations could easily be used to reach the local communities in areas which they operate (Cutler 1987). This is already taking shape in California where the group “Yoga for Life” is actively informing the people on the potential use of yoga for spiritual and emotional balance. According to this group, yoga can ideally replace the antidepressant drugs that consume millions of dollars per year (Silva & Mehta 1995). This is because it can provide the necessary therapy that is always recommended by doctors, especially to the patients suffering from chronic depression. Clinically, yoga therapy could work just as well as the drugs, but with the additional advantage of physical exercise, which is obviously lacking in a typical clinical setup. Besides, target should be on making these communities learn the yogic techniques that they could use to individually generate money. In fact, this could be a double blessing in that they would enjoy good economic returns as much as they would have good life (Sam%u0101dhi2005).

In conclusion, yoga remains one of the unexploited aspects of human culture and religion. However, concrete steps could be put in place to exploit as well as expand tourism in yoga all over the world. This would include building the necessary infrastructure, organizing pilgrimages, and conducting aggressive public education to create international awareness about yoga (Possehl 2003). In the end, the levels of domestic and foreign tourism will flourish globally. This would make it the perfect way of pursuing economic freedom and enjoying the fruits under the best health conditions (William 1998).

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