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In the current world, receiving what is equally related to the tax that the citizens pay becomes a dream. The leadership styles applied by elected leaders do not vary. What varies is the tenure of the party patronage. Development of strategies for economic and social growth has no place in the minds of the politicians. It appears that politics cannot be separated from economic development. Howard Zinn represents the ideas of those who have mobilized the population to fight for their basic rights. The political class is presented to be concerned for the people’s welfare. In the interview, the problems faced by the population, which could have been solved by the politicians, are presented. All the interactions between men and women of substance have the capability to propel the leaders to make use of their manifestos. Howard Zinn practiced what he preached. He plays a major role in advocating for the rights of the voters. The interview has been presented to the viewers to ignite the need for reforms within the political class. The caution given by Howard to the people exactly depicts what happens in reality. Working together as citizens of the United States would lead to a good country for all to inhabit.

Bill Moyer uses the field of journalism to explore the problems of the poor in the society. Through this interview with the late renowned historian, they revisit the issue of civil and human rights. The historian depicts his commitment to fight social justice, exploitation of workers and peace in the society. It is said that Howard lived on what he preached. The struggle against social injustices cannot be achieved by people who are not prepared to follow it. Individuals, who are not conscious of their rights, cannot fight for the others. In the short interview, Howard reminds the people of the hardships faced by the proponents of democracy. Through their courage and commitment they are able to achieve what the society wants to but cannot achieve.

Howard describes democracy as a tool of leadership that lies within the society periphery. It can only be achieved through joint efforts by all the people in the society. In the video interview, the achievements of historian and political activist Howard Zinn depict the impact his actions have on the political class. The courage that follows his words has mentored many in the society to push for their rights and beliefs. In the interview, Howard mentions other leaders in the fight for democracy and proper governance.

The history of the Americans is at the fingertips of Howard Zinn. This grants him with the advantage to analyze the behavior of all political parties and politicians. They have not been working miracles but used to follow the instructions of the multitudes. The video also shows demonstrations in the streets where people fight for their rights. The cowards watch from a distance as their fellow citizens struggle with the authorities. They express their grievances through the hard way as their representatives have nothing to do with it. Due to demonstrations the government policies change as the people express their complaints and desires. People have to utilize all the relevant forces in order to attain democracy. The political parties, chosen to lead the United States, do not make solutions without involving their people’s wishes.

The video ignites people to take pains in order to attain democracy. This video also comes as an honor to the late activist and historian Howard Zinn. Therefore, the video portrays Zinn’s values, goals and desires. If all the people longed for justice and fairness, democracy and proper governance would be easily achievable. 

Bill Moyer. Custom Bill Moyer Essay Writing Service || Bill Moyer Essay samples, help

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