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Website Evaluation. Custom Website Evaluation Essay Writing Service || Website Evaluation Essay samples, help is the website for the world famous airlines Virgin Atlantic. This website is meant for business as it works as a platform for the company to advertise its products and to communicate with its clients. Furthermore, the website is very informative about the Virgin Atlantic company.  The theme of the website is hugely on the corporate colors of the company, which creates a feeling of the company even on the online platform. A reader visiting this website will have a feel as if he has a physical contact with the company. The website has many links and graphics, and the font’s types as well as colors vary throughout the webpage. The website is partitioned into various web pages connected to each other by use of links. The top of the website presents the company logo and website name.  Below the logo, there is a horizontal bar containing links to the various webpages within the website. The website generally is organized in a pattern of three columns and three rows, and there are no side bars.

Website Evaluation

Generally, the website is designed professionally to provide a platform for professional interaction between professional travelers and a professional flight company.  The layout of the website is generally simple, just rows and columns, and divided into two equal parts with different themes. The first half is endowed with graphics, with a background theme with pictures that keeps alternating, although they are static themselves. As the view of these pictures depict, the camera was within the field of each picture. The pictures are also objectively chosen as they are all associated with flights and travel. Also, as the pictures change, they change with their associated logos. The design of the themes is such that, the reader can scroll through them and halt any particular theme as he wish.

The fonts within the themes are white and as well as links. The website employs Arial font throughout. The case is the sentencing case throughout, which also gives a professional touch to the website.  All the links are bold, and their font color changes to red when pointed them. Other texts are normal texts, black in color and in Arial font (Virgin Atlantic 1).

The second half of the home page is in black and white and lacks much graphics apart from the icons. The background to this part of the website is grey in color and is an enhancement of formality within the website. The end of the lower half of the website’s homepage is used as another platform, where icons to other packages offered and services offered by the company are displayed. This is a characteristic feature of many professional websites. Then a summary of the helpful links is provided and the corporate information and information about the website. Unlike many websites, this last bar of the homepage of the website is not common to all pages of the website. This shows that each webpage within this website is an independent entity. This could be due to the wide ranges and diversity of the operation of the Virgin Atlantic company.

The images used in the website are objectively selected. This is because they are selling products to a special class of people. For instance, the home page theme pictures are captivating to individuals from high social status, such as celebrities, diplomats, and international businessmen. Each photograph has a story to tell and is emotionally captivating. Furthermore, the camera views changes in the different pictures, which has enhanced the emotions in the pictures. For example in the case of the picture of people in a beach, the camera was in front of the scene and outside of the scene color.  The shot was in a sunset, which al added to an emotional message to a particular class of people.

The webpage design has also made use of figures which are elevated to capture the eyes of the reader (Qi 79). The figures are convincing of good deals to the readers regarding the products they are selling. All the figures in the website’s home page act like links to the products they are selling, and therefore they are not elaborate, but provide a hint of a certain deal or product.

In conclusion, the Virgin Atlantic website has considerable aspects of a professional website. The design aspect incorporates a theme color of the corporates color. The visual aspects of the websites are objectively placed and they all have a professional touch.

Website Evaluation. Custom Website Evaluation Essay Writing Service || Website Evaluation Essay samples, help

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