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Earth Charter US involves a global declaration for a sustainable future. The message contained in the earth charter transcends politics, culture and religion. At the same time, it embraces all aspects that revolve around all aspects of modern life. The declaration of the Earth Charter US is meant to establish a cohesive and just society in the current century. It seeks to cultivate a world that has solidarity and ensure the wellbeing of humanity through interdependence in the whole world. The earth charter has goals that include poverty eradication, human rights safeguarding, equitable distribution of resources world peace achievement, democracy, and development. The Earth Charter US involves a vision for hope and a call for action. This paper evaluates the Earth Charter US in terms of analysis and application of people, context, opportunity and deals.


For the earth charter to meet its goals, it has to pay attention to certain factors, while at the same time, dedication and help from several key actors. It requires many resources to help it reach its target and meet its goals. For example, Earth Charter US has a scouting program referred to as earth scout for boys and girls of about age thirteen. This program serves a total number of countries. The program encompasses a wide variety of development projects all over the world, with the major one situated in Zambia.

In earth charter US, the term people refers to those who participate in the venture or those who bring resources to the venture. They include those people within the organisation and those outside the organisation who have to take part, in the venture for its success. These people contribute to the venture physically and mentally. Earth Charter US has many things to do. This means that the program requires an abled workforce who can contribute to the success of the goals set out in earth charter US. The people must have the physical and mental capability of participating in earth charter.

They should have the ability and capability of contributing positively to earth charter US. This means that they should contribute through technical and practical knowledge in all the aspects that Earth Charter US undertakes. The people must have the knowledge about the difficulties of globalization, capacity of innovation, group networking capacity and the knowledge of information and communication technology among other issues.

The second concept involves the context. Context refers to those elements that are out of the control of a social entrepreneur that have a positive or negative influence on earth charter US. The context encompasses the environment within the operation of Earth Charter US and those outside it. The context has certain factors that require adequate attention. For instance, macro economy involves the study of the economy as a whole. It may encompass the study of the global economy in terms of the gross domestic product, unemployment and inflation among other factors. It looks at the economy as a wide concept. It helps to ascertain the effect of economic policies on economies.

Therefore, Earth Charter US looks at the economies of all countries under its program as a whole. The next factor involves tax and regulatory structure. As a factor, Earth Charter US has to look at the tax and regulatory structure of the countries within its program and plan effectively, so that its functions go hand in hand with all of them. Socio-political environment has its own importance. As a factor, earth charter has to look into it. It has importance because the socio-political environment in the countries, where the program is intended for, determines the existence of the program. The socio-political environment must be supportive of the program.

The governments, religious groups and labor organisations where earth charter operates must support the program. The economic atmosphere also matters. Earth Charter US cannot operate without financial wellbeing. Therefore, the economic environment must provide funds for the program and allow for efficient use of the funds. The context also involves technology. The program must use the current technological advancement to make its functions efficient, effective, sustainable and up-to-date.

The next significant concept involves opportunity. Opportunity refers to any activity that requires investment of scarce resources with the hope that it will present future returns. In this regard, the Earth Charter US helps to present opportunities, in the form of business ideas, environmental friendly ideas, peace, democracy and human rights ideas and financial help to people. A workable example of business idea and opportunity that Earth Charter has created includes Zambia's Apiculture project that has reduced the number of people living under the poverty line, in Zambia. Earth Charter US presents many opportunities to member countries so that they can have an equitable resource allocation among their people. This can help reduce suffering that comes with hunger, poverty and lack of resources.

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Earth Charter US has helped a number of youth groups in member countries. This program has help get the youth from drug abuse and crime, to become responsible members of the society. The youth engage in valuable activities that help them generate their own income that helps to cater for their needs, in their daily lives. The program provides opportunities for the youth, to bring transformative changes to their societies, involve themselves in promoting sustainable development values, for instance, social justice and human rights. Earth Charter US makes use of the fact that youth have a new way of thinking and a quick way of conceptualization, to make them think of ways that can help the world become a better place for everyone to live.

Other opportunities involve modernized tools of communication technology. They facilitate extensive global community networks, often based on the internet, collaboration and learning though significant issues in the world. These issues get inspiration from local pragmatism.

Recent advancements in information technology, for instance internet, phones and global media expansion have created educational opportunities for many people. These opportunities have resulted to networking, shared learning among young and old people, in different regions of the world and collaboration. These opportunities have created a world comprised of partnerships. These partnerships extend throughout the entire world. This has a significance of promoting sharing of ideas and thoughts. Through this, people learn different ways of doing things, and how to promote human rights. Therefore, opportunities create a better world for people to co-exist.

Deal refers to the substance of the bargain defines the person who gives a certain thing, the person who gets a certain thing and when these deliveries and receipts take place in a venture. They encompass economic benefits, social recognition, autonomy, satisfaction of individual needs, social interaction, decision rights, and fulfilment of generative and legacy desires and delivery of altruistic goals.

Earth Charter US involves itself in humanitarian undertakings. This involves people and resources such as money and other tangible things. Therefore, deals must happen between people and groups of people. The deals take place in places, and at given periods. Earth charter has people working for it and contributes their mental and physical attributes to earth charter US. These people have the responsibility of helping earth charter distribute its resources to people in various countries judging by the situation they find themselves.

For instance, Earth Charter US has the responsibility of ensuring that it alleviates poverty. Thereof, people who live under the poverty line require food and other resources to sustain them. They also require resources that can help them get out of poverty. Therefore, Earth Charter US has the responsibility of providing the resources to the poor. Therefore, the deal concept comes in to use in an instance like this one. Earth charter has to decide the group of people that require help than others and at what time. Therefore, the deal comes between the management and workers of earth charter and the people facing poverty, who require help.

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Making deals help people solve problems in an amicable and peaceful manner. It also involves considering what can be offered and what cannot be offered. It involves making a compromise and deciding on the most important things that require urgent attention. Therefore, Earth Charter US makes a compromise by donating its finds and resources to groups of people in different countries, in an effort to alleviate poverty, create sustainable development, ensure equitable distribution of resources and ensure that all people get what they deserve.

Earth Charter US makes deals with governments and leadership in various societies to determine who gets which resource at a given time. Earth Charter US gets into discussions with governments and people for them to maintain peace. This involves a sacrifice of a certain nature. People have to sacrifice individual satisfaction for peace. Trough this, people get social recognition, decision rights, economic benefits and autonomy. These reflect the values of human rights respect.


Earth Charter US has done a considerable job, in ensuring that life on earth improves in terms of poverty alleviation, human rights achievement, peace, democracy, ecological protection and equitable resource distribution throughout the world. This has secured the lives of many people and made their lives better in their countries and in the world.

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