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UDL Solutions Plan: Step Two

Grade: 4

Teacher: (Mrs/ Miss) V.

Subject: Science

Standard: Living things and their environment: My Environment

Goal: Identifying, research and presentation of elements in the immediate surroundings in terms of habitat and biomes.

Purpose: Teaching should embrace the learners such that there are no flaws that leave some learners unattended to. In recognition of the diverse nature of the learners that will attend this curriculum, this UDL plan seeks to identify the loopholes in terms of the recognition, strategic and affective differences. This will be achieved by asking students to identify and research on elements that indicate their homes’ (area of residence) habitat and corresponding biome. Common barriers identified in the students activities will be noted and linked to the respective brain network or networks, that is, either the recognition network (identifying patterns), the strategic network (expression of ideas) or the affective network (engaging in the learning task). UDL Solutions will be determined by narrowing down the UDL Principles to the ones that address deficiency in the particular network. Modification of the curricular techniques and materials too suit every learner will conclude the UDL Plan to get the needed solutions.

Materials & Methods

Potential Barriers/


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Missed Opportunities

Lecture or class presentation.

Drake: heavily distracted missing a lot of details.

Sylvia: Considerably slow and difficulty in comprehension noticed.

Moses: Difficulty in seeing the board.

Drake: Ask questions focusing on key words.

Support use of animation relating to the topic.

Noting down key points on a sticky note.

Use of sensory regulation tools.

Encourage use of deep pressure tools.

Sylvia: Use of pictures or symbols with text.

Encourage the use of a text reader with a study skill support.

Use portable thesaurus.

Use of multimedia software for expression.

Facilitate the use of necessary tools.

Moses: Use of adjusted electronic text.

Getting fitted for glasses.

Use of a highly contrasting pen.

Move student to a suitable position.

Use of large print on projectors.

Oral report in home environment.

Ruth: Shy and unable to communicate effectively.

Moses: Intimidated by fellow friends.

Ruth: Communicate with student in person.

Encourage use of a text based device with speech synthesis.

Offering support from a close friend.

Use of a simple speech generating device.

Encourage real-time captioning.

Moses: Use of one on one communication technique.

Encourage closed captioning.

Encourage and offer support to the student.

Provide a suitable environment for student.

Give positive remarks recurrently.

Written report on the same project

Kennedy: Jumbled ideas missing major expectations of content.

Andrew: Grammatical errors and serious problems in expressing ideas.

Kennedy: Encourage use of graphical representations.

Use of online tutorials and animations.

Highlight the main points.

Use of electronic organization.

Use of a grading rubric.

Andrew: Use of a portable spell checker.

Download word prediction software.

Use of a talking dictionary.

Use of telecommunication supports.

Illustrate what is expected.

Curriculum textbook

Andrew: Difficulty in understanding vocabulary in the text.

Moses: Strain noticed in reading textbook

Andrew: Use of a talking spell checker.

Use of a pocket dictionary.

Expand abbreviations in text.

Use pictures.

Use digital templates.

Moses: Encourage student to get glasses.

Use a modified text reader.

Use a handheld device to magnify texts.

Encourage audio text.

Use a high contrast pen.

Independent project on biomes in the world

Moses: Poor collaborative and sharing skills mostly reserved.

Ruth: Tension and restlessness, general problem in working alone.

Moses: Encourage group work.

Involve the class at some point.

Encourage student to communicate with other students.

Give positive remarks.

Encourage real-time captioning (Metcalf, 2010).

Ruth: Use relevant telecommunication devices.

Communicate with Ruth in person

Ask a close friend to assist.

Provide a comfortable environment.

Encourage by giving positive remarks.



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