Normal Language Development

Semantics is basically the study of words, symbols, gestures, signs and phrases, how they combine and relate to bring about meaning in a sentence (Mathews, 2007) ;The rule at which individual words play in the construction of an understandable languages. Ella uses sign and symbols to communicate message to Sophia; Ella winks. Also the choice of word (informal) by Ella as she talks to her parents shows that she is familiar them. Syntax on the other hand is the study of the rules and regulations that are adhered to when constructing a sentence (Mathews, 2007). Ella choice of word construction shows concentration and interest in the conversation with her parents.

Morphology is the study and identification of elements that bring about meaning in a sentence, it tries to give a full description and analysis of the units that bring meaning and logic in a language. (Owens, 2009).Ella addresses her mother as mum this gives us a pick preview of what to expect in the conversation; mother to daughter conversation.

Phonology is the principal of spoken word and scheme of using sound to bring meaning and logic; it is basically the use of sound as a means of communication. Ella in the dialogue masters the use of verbal language and uses this as a tool to facilitate her understanding of the conversation to her parents.

Pragmatic is a branch of linguistic that studies the art of meaning not only through the knowledge and master of language but also on the previous knowledge of the characters involved in the conversation to avoid ambiguity. Meaning in a language depends on the location, personality of the characters involved in the conversation, time and manner, and etc. (Owens, 2009). Ella recognition of her parents' age depicts the choice of words she chooses throughout the conversation to show respect.



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