The Community Policing

Community policing procedures and policies arecriticalin sustaining thecommunity’sfaithin the program. Effective community policing requires a definedstructurewhere accountability andresponsibilityarefundamental. Command structures and decision making should be decentralized toprovideinitiatives tocreationof solutions in lieu of arising problems (Department of justice 2011). The critical examination of the police department’s commitment to community policingstatementis requiredto determine thecommunitypolicing parameters.

The police department’s strategic plans should be examined to determine whetheroperationrequirements for community policing matches the available resources, knowledge and expertise (Department of Justice 2011). The procedures implemented should be transparent and policy documents should be clear for the mandatedpurposeof community policing. A review of available information systems anddataforpersonneluse in their duties iscritical.

The prosecutor’sdutyin any legal proceedings is to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant is guilty (Legal Information Institute, 2002). Prosecutorsare boundto do everything in theirpowertofacilitateadequatedisclosureas part of their professionalresponsibilityin fairness and impartiality while seeking justice under the law (Crown Prosecution Service, 2003).

Therefore, thedutyto seek Justice is on the prosecutor given the available evidence. However, the defense’s duty is to ensure the defendantis not foundguilty of the offense charged. The integrity of the justice systems requiresfairand just disclosure of evidence.However, the prosecutoris boundby a continuous duty to disclose evidence to the defense as it isavailableand onformalrequest by the defense.(Crown Prosecution Service, 2003) The disclosure by the prosecutor may be withheld only under exceptional circumstances where disclosure would be posing ariskto the public.

he prosecution must use all the available evidence adequately to ensure that the jury gets aclear, concise and accurate picture of the crime committed. The continued use ofgruesomepictures would beeffectivein establishing the seriousness of the crime committed. However, the over reliance on the pictures may be deemed as a desperate action by the prosecution to make their case.

The prosecution should ensure that the evidence providedis balancedto make sure the jury makes a properly informed decision by using the given evidence provided by both sides. The impact of gruesome pictures would be reflected differently by women and men. Women would besignificantly overwhelmed by the continued display of the pictures. However, individual juror response to the evidence may differ as per each individual’s dispensation.



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