Cost Schedule

Given the dynamic changes in the world, it is significant for the company to embrace these technological changes in evaluation and procession of information. A project analysis is therefore, relevant in facilitating these changes. The company warehouse requires wireless access systems to enable easy access to information and conduct of business. The project is expected to follow the next steps towards its implementation. BS is the code used to refer to the work break down structure.

BS1 Initialization of the project

The project approval by the board of directors and allocation of funds by the accounting department to the project manager

BS2 Planning the project

BS2.1 Review the needs of the company, to ascertain the appropriate wireless access point systems to be installed.

BS2.2 Determine the system requirements.

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BS2.3 Evaluate strategic positioning of wireless access points.

BS2.4 Compute the size of cables needed for wiring purposes and other materials.

BS2.5 Review the safety standards and structural integrity of the warehouse.

BS2.6 Resource allocation to tasks

BS2.6.1 Employ seven technicians at a cost of $30 pounds per hour for six hours per day.  

BS2.6.2 Hire installation tools at a cost of $50 per use

BS2.6.3 estimate total cost schedule


Rate per hour/unit

No of units

Hours/ usage in a day

Total costs per day

No of expected days

Total project costs






















BS2.7 Install the system.

BS2.8 Train staff how to use the system optimally.

BS2.9 Evaluate system performance and make alterations where necessary.

BS2.10 Present completed system to the board for implementation.

BS3 Execute

BS3.1 To review of the company needs, and determine system requirements, which should be commenced from day 1 to day 7.

BS3.2. Evaluation of strategic positions for the wireless access points, and computation of required materials, which should be concluded from day 8 to day 18.

BS3.3 Review the warehouse’s structural integrity and safety standards and protocols from day 19 to day 26.

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BS3.4 resource allocation and installation should be commenced from day 27 to day 47.

BS3.5 Staff training should be conducted from day 48 to day 55.

BS3.6 System evaluation and adjustment should be conducted for a period of thirty days. From day 55 to day 85 and the final project presented to the board from day 86 to day 90.

BS4 Monitoring and Controlling

Monitoring and controlling should be conducted after the system has been installed. This allows for adjustments of errors and redundancies that may occur at any given phase.

BS5 Closing

Review the project's performance and present the completed project to the board for implementation.

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