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Criminal Justice and Criminology

The theory of inductive and deductive reasoning is an extremely beneficial instrument in the profession of criminal justice for many decades. According to Maxfield and Babbie (2011, pp. 37-41), theories in criminal justice are used deductively and inductively. Inductive reasoning works from the bottom-top approach, for instance, it moves from a more specific observation to a broader generalization. Thus, in inductive reasoning, an individual starts to observe data and develop generalization used to explain the relationship in the object observed and by its nature. On the other hand, deductive reasoning works from a more general perspective to a specific argument. In deductive approach, an individual starts from the general law and uses its application to certain instances. This reasoning is very narrower in nature, and majorly concerned with testing of confirming hypothesis (Axelrod & Antinozzi, 2009). However, inductive reasoning cannot be justified deductively.

Finally, a research topic about series killers can be researched by inductive and deductive profiling. Inductive profiling involves an assumption that the criminal committed the crime, hence, will possess a similar background and motive to other series killers who have committed the same crime. On the other hand, deductive profiling will involve a procedure that attempts to avoid generalizations, as well as, averages. In deductive profiling, the suspect will be observed in detail in order to adapt findings depending on the actions of the offender before and after committing the offence. Therefore, a serial killer, known to stick within zones of their comfort, before travelling in a further distance as their senses of power and domination heightens, will leave a trademark of their work that emotionally fulfills them. Thus, the profilers will use this means to trace the criminals and link crimes committed earlier (Turvey, 2007).



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