Succeeding in Modern World

The new aspect of globalization has made it quite hard for any society to exist in isolation. As such, it becomes imperative that any society including the remote areas where my grandfather lived must exist in cooperation with the rest of the world if they wish to make any economic progress in the world today. For instance, their businesses have to look into ways of incorporating the internet link to enable them expand their market base. Besides, this will enable them acquire the technical knowledge required to produce quality goods that suit the international market.

Such societies, though far flung, must work towards ensuring better standards of security assurance to give the necessary confidence that would attract foreign as well as local investors. However, this is only possible with a stable government in place. As such, the first initiative would be to have in place a democratically elected leadership that stands the credibility test in the face of international community. Ideally, this would make it easy for any foreign governments or non-governmental institutions to work closely with them with a view to economic and social success (Benjamin & Dodd, 1951).

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However, these ideals are not possible if the local community is not receptive enough to the foreigners as well as the foreign institutions. In light of this, the starting point would be to thoroughly roll out public education across the society to make them more hospitable as to accommodate the foreigners. This will not only retain the foreign expertise, but will also ensure that local societies themselves incorporate the new ideas into their own lifestyles.

In conclusion, any society in the world today must create an enabling environment in order to attract any meaningful business operations. However, the real focus must be on globalization of information through the internet, upgrading of the security standards as well as educating local population on the global business trends. This is the only way the economic potentials of several alien lands would be properly utilized.

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