Speed Versus Height in Basketball

In any sport, winning the game and being on top of the other teams remains the optimum goal of any team. The actual winning remains more important than the tactics used to reach the win. However, each team must be prepared to face the competition. This implies that each team must utilize its strong points to the fullest. It also means that the basketball trainer in charge of recruiting new players must clearly understand the priorities. This will ensure that he makes the right choices when faced with such kinds of situations.

When choosing basketball players, tactfulness, speed and height factors remain essential. It means that the trainer must pick the best among the aspiring players. However, a player can learn how to play fast. Also, they could learn tactics in the long run. Eventually, they gain the required speed and meet the set goals and objectives of the team. However, a short player will always remain short. This implies that when faced with such choices, basketball trainers should pick and recruit taller players as opposed to the short players; who are obviously faster than the taller ones. This will ensure that prepare adequately for a win in each match.

Given the fact that the main aim of the game remains to put the ball into the basket, taller players ought to score numerous goals as compared to the shorter players. This means that it would be in the interest of the team if the basketball trainer in charge of recruiting new players picks taller players as opposed to shorter players. Therefore, I believe that when faced with the choice of a fast player and a tall player, the basketball trainer has an obligation to choose the tall player with the intention of training him to increase his speed while playing the game.

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