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Culture Wars. Custom Culture Wars Essay Writing Service || Culture Wars Essay samples, help

What is a Culture War and how does the ideal of Marxism affect the process or outcome?

Culture War is the battle between cultures due to the difference in doctrines and practices.

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According to Marxism, for the different societies in the world, there exist different social classes. These are based on what each group owns and what it controls. The conflict is persistent due to the ownership of the means of production which include land, labor and tools. Hence, the conflict is between the owners and the non-owners of the various means of production. As a result, there is a rise of the two social classes; the working class (less powerful) and the ruling class (more powerful).

Define culture wars in American society:

In the American society, culture War is the description and explanation for the consistent political conflict that is as a result of difference in cultural alues.

Find media examples to support your ideas of this cultural conflict (war) as defined in Storey.

An example is the continued conflict among politicians and divisions on the basis of political party affiliation. Precisely, Americans remain divided in terms of either being Democrats or Republicans.


How do the Frankfurt School’s definition of Democratization and the impact of democratization effect these culture wars?

According to Frankfurt School, there is no absolute truth. They also contend Marxism as to not acknowledging the effects of social change. These notions greatly impact the culture wars. The Frankfurt School appreciates modernism, and hence, acknowledges that people are different. Thus, it tries to eliminate the culture Wars.

Do these conflicts fit into Classical Marxism, Frankfurt School, Althusserianissm or Post-Marxism? Explain your choice

These conflicts fit into Classical Marxism. This is because according to Marxism, individuals are in conflict due to differences in materialism and practices leading to division in terms of social classes.

Using a postmodern analysis and discourse describe the societal dynamics, stakeholders and impact on society.

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      Postmodernism refers to the fact that there exists no truth. The postmodernists believe that there is no absolute truth; no one has the right to impose on others what is right or what is wrong. Postmodernism does not agree with certain huge classifications for example, masculinity versus femininity, straight versus gay among others. Therefore, postmodernists do not believe that culture Wars should persist since people are different, and no one should impose their beliefs on others.


Culture Wars. Custom Culture Wars Essay Writing Service || Culture Wars Essay samples, help

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