An Evolving Industry & Narrative and Storytelling

An Evolving Industry

The internet and similar digital technologies allows room for innovation in the film making industry and this has resulted in film makers targeting a larger audience as the production, distribution and exhibition costs of films have gone down.

Social networking sites over the web and other interactive features like ‘TV on demand’ are seen to enhance the distribution of films. Digital technologies have led to convergence of mass media by providing new opportunities for production, exhibition and distribution of films. With cellular phones now carrying with them high definition video cameras and DVs becoming more inexpensive resulting in the power once only held by studios is now more reachable to a broader audience. These features provided by the advancement of internet and advent of other technologies have evolved and will continue to evolve the film industry.

Narrative and Storytelling

The difference between story and plot can sometimes be very confusing. Analysts have described plot as the sequence of events that occur in the movie and story as the basic idea behind the sequence of those events. This difference can be better explained by using the movie ‘Rocky’ as an example.

The plot of the movie is that the heavyweight champion, Apollo, who is in need of a new opponent, give a title match to journeyman, Rocky, in order to promote the 200th anniversary of the country. Although nobody expected it, Rocky survives the whole match against the champion and shocks the world. On the other hand, story of the movie is that an underdog, Rocky, overcomes the odds by surviving the whole match against the champion. The movie ‘

Rocky’ has presented events in a chronological order.

Generally film makers choose to present events in a chronological order as that method is easier for the viewer to follow and understand. On the other hand, film makers choosing a non-linear set of events in their movie strive to achieve thrill and suspense within the audience by confusing them.

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