Shield Financial: Motivation and Role Conflict

Case Summary

It is evident that before MacMillan became a father his performance in the workplace was improving significantly. This is illustrated by an increase in output from 110% in the first year and 120% in the second year; leading to an increase in revenues from $750,000 to $1.25 million respectively. This growth was achieved when MacMillan was working 14 hours per day. However, there was a significant drop in output after he became a father. In light of this, his output dropped to an average of 40 to 50 hour weeks.


 It is evident that since MacMillan became a father, his performance dropped as a consequence of reduced working hours per week. Therefore, Bloom must first identify the reason behind MacMillan’s reduced working hours and dismal performance. This will enable Bloom to form an optimal motivation strategy. The outstanding hours in which MacMillan used to work before he became a father are evidently spent with his family. While Bloom seeks the optimal motivation for MacMillan, he must consider MacMillan’s predicament. It is evident that MacMillan’s priorities have changed; therefore, Bloom must find a way to ensure that MacMillan’s fatherhood becomes a motivational factor for MacMillan.

Therefore, Bloom must appreciate that while MacMillan wishes to spend more time with his family, he needs more money for his growing family. Consequently, an effective motivation package must consider reduced working hours and an increase in remuneration. Additionally, Bloom should seek a way to make MacMillan resume his previous working schedule without neglecting his family responsibilities. This will ensure that MacMillan is focused on his job and attending his family simultaneously.

Among the motivational options that are available to Bloom are increasing MacMillan’s pay grade; on the basis of his outstanding performance in the previous two years; consequently offering him a bonus or commission on set targets per quota. These options should not constrain MacMillan's working hours per week. Rewarding performance will ensure that MacMillan puts more effort in achieving his targets per quota and surpassing them to gain the stipulated bonus and commissions. Additionally, since MacMillan is in sales, he should be offered an opportunity to be promoted on the basis of his past and expected performance. This will ensure that he is motivated; hence, he will invest more time in his work while looking after his family.


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The role of the family conflict may significantly impact work relationships and output of the affected individual; therefore, managers must ensure that there is a balance between a worker’s private life and the work environment. This ensures that prevailing contradictions in work and family priorities are eliminated; thus creating a harmonious working environment. Consequently, the manager must seek avenues to ease the family role conflict, that a worker is facing in order to ensure that the conflict does not impact on overall output. Therefore, while it is difficult to deal with family role conflicts, there exist organizational cultures that assert the significance of collective decision making. Therefore, the manager is obligated to consult with relevant individuals such as human resource management, guidance and counseling personnel or other members of staff, who have experienced similar conflicts.

This offers various perspectives to the problem; therefore, various methods of solving the problem are presented. In light of these, Bloom must appreciate MacMillan’s need for constant contact and communication with family. Therefore, he should find a way in which MacMillan can stay in contact with his family while working simultaneously. Bloom can improve MacMillan’s efficiency through the provision of a method in which MacMillan can stay in the contact with his family while working. This can be done through the use of interactive and real time information technology. These include the use of computers with Skype or the use of smart phones, which are capable of video calling. While this may cost the Bloom, their cost is insignificant considering the revenues that MacMillan has the potential to generate. This will ensure that MacMillan does not have to be physically at home to know how his family is faring.


MacMillan’s intention to work for 50 hours a week does not mean he is a slacker since the standard norm of working hours per week is 48. Therefore, he has an impact on the company’s overall performance. While the reduction in his working hours might be considered as slacking, this should not be the case. His performance should be measured on the basis of his overall output per quota. Therefore, if he works for lesser hours and is still able to meet his quota, then he should not be reprimanded.

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However, if his output does not match the proportionate output of his working hours per quota; then there are justifiable grounds for reprimanding him. In his decision making, Bloom should consider whether having MacMillan working for 50 hours a week has an impact on the revenues in contrast to not having him working for the company at all. This consideration should also factor Blooms past performance and his current motivation to make more money for his family. In doing so, Bloom will realize if motivated, MacMillan will have an increase in output in spite of reduced working hours per week.


MacMillan’s performance has led to significant increase in the revenues; therefore, his promotion to a managerial position would enable him to guide those under him in utilizing his approach towards sales. This would lead to an increase in the company’s revenues. Therefore, the idea that MacMillan is not willing to work as a manager but opts to work in sales should worry Bloom. This is because MacMillan’s strategy in sales is effective and has an impact on the company’s performance; therefore if MacMillan becomes a manager he will be obligated to train and direct others to employ his strategies in sales. Therefore, MacMillan’s acceptance of a managerial position is a critical strategic advantage for Bloom.

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