Our Lives Begin to End the Day That We Get Silent About Things That Matter

“Our lives begin to end the day that we get silent about things that matter” (Martin Luther king Jr.). This quotation means that one ought to speak out those things that challenge him/her and take away their piece if they want that peace restored. Keeping quiet about issues that are disturbing is the beginning of complications and difficult challenges, both healthwise and socially.

Martin Luther was right when he said “our lives begin to end the day we get silent about things that matter”. Ruth Scotts was a mother of five children, whose marriage life was quite challenging. Ruth, as many women do, worked hard for her family as well as did everything possible to keep the family together and united. She had to undergo a lot of distressing situations, but she held on and persevered hoping that things will get better one day. Her only mistake was keeping silent about the things that were bothering her. Ruth was very reserved and always kept smile on her face.

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Over the years, Ruth has never shared her difficulties with anyone but always sought to give joy and happiness to all. Therefore, it never mattered to her whether she was hurt or not. She could just move on and try to please others. With this style of handling things, Ruth was a successful family woman and a housewife. Nobody ever realized that Ruth was suffering from within; behind the mask of happiness that she wore there was turmoil.

As years went by, her children grew up, and she was left at home only with her husband. At that point in time, she was considerably secured financially, in reference to the previous financial situation. People thought that at that particular moment her life was settled down and that her children were successful and well off. All over sudden, Ruth’s health started deteriorating. She was suffering from unceasing headaches, stomach pains, back pains and so many other issues. From the outside, she looked healthy and strong woman with a good body. Only those people close to her knew that she was suffering. She visited different health care providers for some time with no avail. The condition remained the same with no improvement at all. As a result, she was referred to a referral hospital for further checkup and higher diagnosis.

Upon going to the referral hospital, Ruth was diagnosed with high blood pressure, depression, and her mental state was at breaking point. This diagnosis meant that Ruth was about to become mentally ill. As a result, she was recommended to refer to a psychiatrist and a counselor, who would help her go through her recovery process.

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The diagnosis came as a shock to her children and relatives, who knew her as a happy person. Nobody could come to terms with dreadful truth that Ruth was a mental patient and that she needed a lot of psychological support if she would ever recover. All the same, there was nothing else relatives and friends could do apart from following doctor’s recommendations.

Ruth started attending regular clinic and sessions with a psychiatrist. During these sections, the psychiatrist came to understanding that Ruth had stored up a lot of negative things throughout her life. In being reserved, Ruth has never let out those issues that mattered to her. She could be wronged, but she could remain silent. She could realize some mistakes somewhere, and she could try to correct them without letting the person involved to know.

The human heart is like a bottle, which after a long time of adding things into it without emptying, gets filled up and overflows. Since the capacity of human mind or heart is constant, continued stocking of negative things leads to an overflow or the bursting of the mind. What Ruth was suffering from was the overflow of the things she had been storing up since her early days and up to that day. The best way to ensure that an overflow does not occur is through emptying every little negative bit through talking it out to the relevant persons. That way the mind will never store up more than it can normally and comfortably handle.

Even though, Ruth loved as if she was happy with everything, she was usually not happy with everything. What she was doing was to remain silent about those things that mattered to her. With this silence, she caused a lot of harms to her health, which continued piling up issues, that never left or got solutions. The piling up of those things was a result of the silence that she maintained. That silence caused her mental state to worsen and at the same time, her blood pressure shot to levels dangerous for her life.

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At the age of Ruth blood pressure could not be regulated and brought back to normal. Therefore, she had to live on drugs, for the rest of her days. In addition, as a result of the depressed state of her mind, she could not live a normal life any more. Remaining silent about things that were affecting her, was the sole reason of her health problems.

Therefore, it is wise to let out things that matter to a person or those that affect a person, in order to avoid such conditions as the one Ruth found herself in. If only she spoke out those things that mattered to her, she could have saved herself from mental illness and depression.

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