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What is an OD intervention? To be able to address the problems at hand, I must first try and explain what an OD intervention is and how it can help in solving the problems being experienced at Ben and Jerry’s. Organization development helps in increasing the capability and relevance of an organization. One must first have an understanding of the problems facing the organization in order to come up with the right intervention methods and by answering all the questions given I will be able to address the last question well (McLean, 2006).

Ben and Jerry’s organization needs to be diagnosed. This can be done through first hearing from the employees who work for the company. This can be done through questionnaires that will have varied questions on the various problems they are facing and how they would wish the company to look like. The other method that can help in making a diagnosis for the company is through suggestions by the customer. The organization should set up various suggestion boxes through which customers can place their suggestions on the company. The company should also try and set up a managerial grid that will help in identifying management behaviors of different people and how they interact with the employees. Ben and Jerry’s organization can also be diagnosed by checking on the attitudes of all employees that is, their attitude towards Ben and Jerry’s (Kanaga&Prestridge, 2002).

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The leadership retreat can be facilitated through various methods. To be able to come up with the main agendas, I should be able to have an understanding of team work and team building. The first task on this agenda will be to recognize that there should be mutual respect among the employees. They all need to respect each other and this will help in building in team work. Other tasks include customer satisfaction, the quality of products and services and profitability. The organization has to satisfy both employees and customers. Employees need to work in an environment in which there is no pressure of work. They should also be adequately provided with the necessary resources that will help them in providing better services. Customers on the other hand should not be served with notices of “There is a shortage of ice cream”. The company should address such kinds of production factors (Kanaga&Prestridge, 2002).

Ben and Jerry’s is a highly engaged organization that is however, under-organized. The organization thus has to come up with a better structure that can help in solving this problem. The company should first and foremost identify the goals and its objectives. Inter unit tasks should then be established. There should be departments whose departmental heads maintain a professional relationship with the employees. The company should try to emphasis team building. Unity is strength and team building will help in providing the necessary structures in solving the problems facing the company (

I would also advice the company to undertake other intervention. These interventions include developing definite skills of individuals in the company. This is a personalized intervention. This goes a long way in enhancing team work. The organization should also motivate its employees often. This will help employees in having pride at their work. Another intervention they could use is consultation. The organization should apply a consultant who holds meetings with all departmental heads, work teams and individuals (

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Ben and Jerry’s is an organization that deals with the production of ice creams. It was founded by two childhood friends. This essay tries to provide an OD intervention that seeks to address the problems facing the organization. An organizational development intervention isOrganization development helps in increasing the capability and relevance of an organization. It seeks solutions to problems and tries to make a company work well.

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