Wal-Mart in Small Towns. Advantages and Disadvantages

The company presents a future generation model from its sampling and demonstrations, which assign personnel permanently to different stores; it maintains a customer relationship, emphasizes on themed campaigns, which identify and address customer problems and needs. This way the company coordinates marketing opportunities creating national brands. However, the company has been accused of many malpractices which affect the employees and the communities around the stores. Wal-Mart was opened in the year 1950 by its founder Sam Walton. The founder had not only set standards for achieving success, but also put sales on low process. In this case, the founder anticipated he would be a step ahead of all the company’s competitors. By 1980, the company was already operating stores in more than 28 states. Wal-Mart has enjoyed many benefits but also suffered many setbacks due to the great number of disadvantages of the company’s operations and policies. Some of the advantages and disadvantages of Wal-Mart presence in small towns are:


Wal-Mart’s Health Insurance Approach

In many cities, especially small ones, Wal-Mart has spent millions of money on lawsuits.  Because most of the employees from the small towns are getting ripped off on the number of hours they work each day. There has also been many complains about women discrimination at the Wal-Mart’s stores. Research study on the same topic shows that the company is a leading one in America which has received the most lawsuits in relation to workers rights. Most of the times, before Wal-Mart stores are set in a city the company gets funding to enter into these cities. However, Wal-Mart has managed to set its stores in the cities where it was unwanted. This is more evident in small cities across the different states in America.

Wal-Mart’s Approach to the Environment

Many reports from different quarters in the United States have alleged that Wal-Mart is not environmentally friendly. Some of the company’s new constructions have been halted and stopped because of environmental violations. In 2001, the company was fined for clean water violations in a town where it was setting up its new stores. It is great to have everything one needs from one place. However, if it comes at a cost it is not worth it. It is interesting to note that the company’s founder built and developed the stores on a pay less buy more quote. However, the clothes and the toys at the stores are of a very low quality and not environmental friendly.

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The Super stores have succeeded in destroying many of their competitors’ businesses, community tax basis and land values. The company does not understand the problems and issues that affect these people. Wal-Mart clearly suffers from short-sightedness dealing with problems related to financial markets and its employees’ problems.

Advantages of Having Super Wal-Mart in Small Towns

Super Wal-Mart has been very beneficial to small towns all over the United States of America. Wherethrough, the customers are able to get all the products and goods that they require from one store at one place. The other virtue is that the company is a monopoly company (Jackson 9). The company has not only provided substantial sources for tax revenue but has also new sources of tax income in small towns and local communities. It supplies significant number of jobs to the unemployed residents, provides large selections of services and goods all under one roof and sells goods and services at lower prices, thus, ensuring that even the poorest can afford to shop at the stores. The company provides convenience to its customers by creating no cost parking space. Wal-Mart helps to attract other businesses to the small towns, thus, creates more job opportunities to the people living in there. It gives free training for all its employees. This company also provides health care, inceptives and other benefits to the community from small towns, promotes the American’s services and products. The company treats all employees like partner of the company, respects all the employees as part of the Wal-Mart’s family, gratifies all the company’s employees fairly. It also encourages prosperity to the workers and the communities. Super Wal-Mart contributes to the wealth of communities.

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It explains how Super Wal-Mart has encouraged and attracted development in the small towns all over America. Therefore, a small town develops considerably and the people living in these towns get more job opportunities. Wal-Mart has also helped to raise the United States of America economy in many ways. It has become a national company and the glory of the US.

Super Wal-Mart has had a big impact on the political, economic and social aspects and prospects in America. Wal-Mart’s greatest agenda has been to reengineer and create an environment that would be easier and more pleasant to the shoppers. In this case, their brand helps to strengthen customer relations and satisfy marketing programs. Thus, the shopping experience in America has been improved considerably by the super Wal-Mart company (Pilisuk 213).


Super Wal-Mart has had negative and positive impacts on the communities and cities around the US. It means that the company is not perfect and needs to be improved in many areas. However, the company should not be blamed entirely. Critics have unfairly judged the company on different basis. A transformation of the company’s management and policies would help it to restore the trust of its customers and the whole world as well. This would not only be the way to repair relations with the customers, but chance to increase the company’s profits.

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