Business Communication Coursework Portfolio: Scenario Response

A Communication to the Staff Affected: Letting Them Know the Initial Details about the Situation.

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ALG retail is a small family company that sells a range of electrical appliances and relationships within company rather friendly and family like than official. Therefore, the only appropriate channel to communicate such kind of unpleasant information delicately is with a face to face meeting with each of the employee (Melvin, 2011). The news about business problem that company faces can be interpreted incorrectly if they will convey in a wrong way or through wrong communication channels such as phone call or e-mail. Personal contact while conveying delicate news can help demonstrate the boss’s emotion and concern. Any employee would accept the news more positively if the news were communicated sincerely and correctly. The news has to be conveyed by someone whom employees trust. The best option, it should be managers of the stores (Samover & Richard, 2001). In comfortable conditions of his office, the manager can explain in detail to the employee the difficulties that company faces and the objective reasons why it is happening and what ways. The manager can also ask for an advice and among other things advice to an employee to seek another job. The manager can explain to the employees that he values them and believed that they can have more well-paid job. First of all, the owner should express his appreciation and thank the employee for long years of hard and honest work. He should tell them that his business was thriving for a long time owing to their excellent qualities and professional competence (Melvin, 2011). He should tell his employees that the company’s perfect customer services and customer’s loyalty was possible only due to their ability to provide helpful and competent advices to customers in selecting the right product. Then manager has to explain difficulties that company faces currently that in recent months were noticed a steady decline in sales in 1 of the stores. He should explain that the work of employees remain impeccable but customers more often come in to receive a professional consultation but not for a purchase, thus customers have the place whey they can buy the same product but pay less for them. Recent changes in road dislocation made the access to the store very difficult, which means that customers cannot park their cars next to the store (Melvin, 2011).

Therefore, the company decided to run a big four weeks discount program that should help to attract the customers to the store. The manager of the store hoped that such measure would help to save the store. However, the employees should understand that situation is very difficult, and plus economy is not good, so it is a reasonable thing to think about another working place, especially, considering their competence and experience (Samover & Richard, 2001).

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The communication face to face is the best option in this situation because there is always someone who will interpret the situation in a wrong way and create a panic. The normal working conditions is a guarantee of business success. The employees have to be noticed in advanced but considering that they have to work for four more weeks at sale, it is necessary that they feel secure and confident. The company needs the best work of its employees during these four weeks of sales because it will save a lot of money (Arvey, 2011). No other means of notification can communicate such sensitive news. Only manager to whom employees trust have the opportunity to convey the news in such way to avoid resentment, suspicions and panic moods. The employees will not blame the manager when he later notices them about closure of the store because he warned them about difficulties in advance (Robbins, 2011).

A Communication to Existing Customers: Informing Them about the Closure and the Forthcoming Discounts

E-mail and sms news posting is the best way of communication to existing customers, whose details are stored in a company’s database. It should be letter on official companies blank. The letter has to be very respectful and express the loyalty to company’s customers (Robbins, 2011). In this letter has to be identified only reasons that underlined the loyalty of the company to its customers, for example: the reason of difficulties in store accessibility due to changes in road dislocation. The second reason which is customers’ outflow to other stores for less expansive products has not to be mentioned in the letter. The letter also should not mention any economic difficulties (Melvin, 2011). The customers should get the impression that company function well (Samover & Richard, 2001). The customer should not know about any economical difficulties because they can suggest that company is unreliable and could become bankrupt, so they began to seek another company for their purchases (Arvey, 2011). The letter also should have clearly marked advertising character. First of all, it is a strategic move to distract attention from closure of the store and second, it help to attract as many customers as possible to the store. The customers have to understand from the letter that they just receive one-time special offer, and they should not lose this opportunity (Samover & Richard, 2001).

 In the letter to the customers, the company should express its appreciation of having such loyal customers and thank for their trust and support. The letter should remind all services of the company that distinguish favorably the company from its competitors. The company should describe its showrooms and add new services that customers may not know about (Arvey, 2011); simultaneously, it should remind the customers about competent and professional sales-assistance (Samover & Richard, 2001). The company should make an accent on new products and their interesting and useful characteristics. There should be an exact date of beginning of sales and what discounts there would be available for customers. It could be enclosed fliers to the letter with a special discount to holder of the flier (Melvin, 2011).

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Everything in this letter have to be about benefits for the customers and a little about closure of the store. In other words, the letter has to contain the exact period of sales and the anticipated date of store’s closure. Should be provided contact information (addresses and phones of other stores), so the customers with questions knew where they have been directed (Arvey, 2011).

The e-mail and sms posting new is the best option of communication with the customers because they could read the news in convenient for them time and environment (Robbins, 2011). Such tool of communicating as a telephone call is not good because the person could be busy so this will make impossible the effective conveying of information (Arvey, 2011). There is also have such means of communication as television and radio but closure of the store is rather delicate matters that require a special attitude. Only the letter, if it is written and designed properly, can stir up the necessary feelings in customers (Robbins, 2011).

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