The Ecology of Business

Business and environment are interrelated in the sense that each can have negative impact on the other. Many current businesses carry out their practices in an environmentally destructive ways. Although waste from industries and manufacturing businesses pollute the environment, the society overlooks the issue because it positively gains from the businesses. According to Hawken, environmental benefits outweigh the financial income from businesses.

Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. is a United States based company, manufacturing air products and chemicals. The nature of the products produced in this company makes it a potential polluter of the environment. Dangerous gases like carbon monoxide, nitrogen, argon and liquid nitrogen are available in this company. The gases affect the respiratory systems of the surrounding communities and their workers as a whole.

Restoration of the polluted environment is one of the main remedies proposed by Hawken. He disagrees with the notion of resource sustainability because he says that many natural resources are already polluted, and restoration would better precede sustainability. He argues that businesses should turn to the environment and invest in restoration as the only remedy to the already polluted environment.

Heuga co. ltd is involved in the manufacture of carpet tiles. Just like any other production company, it is a potential polluter of the environment. Heugo has admitted to have polluted the environment, and therefore introduces a restorative program to help regain the surrounding environment. This program is called ‘mission Zero’, meaning no further environmental pollution.

The science of restoration could be a possible alternative to sustainability. Restoration business practices would make the business environment conducive than when the already destroyed environment is sustained. However this is an expensive exercise and may not be taken by the profit motivated businesses.



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