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Business Functions and Integration

A human resource function specializes in matters connected with the management and development of staff in an organization. It focuses on areas including organization design and development, knowledge management, human resource planning, recruitment and selection (employee resourcing), development and training, employee reward and performance management, employee relations and health, safety, and welfare. Through HR, the organization identifies the number of vacancies and advertises them. It also checks whether the corporation has excess personnel and deals with surplus or deficiency.

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Human resource management is, undoubtedly, a significant segment in the performance of any organization. This is a process concerned with the formulation and implementation of programs and policies intended to influence the conduct, performance, motivation and ability of the employees in terms of their relationship with the organization. The focus is to train highly productive employees who fully contribute towards the realization of the organization’s goals. In this respect, certain fundamental issues must always come into play in order to realize such objectives.

Employee reward and recognition systems can provide and boost the morale of employees and impact positively on the organization’s performance. Performance appraisal systems and fair reward programs should be effectively designed to enhance motivation and make employees desire to exceed their performance targets at the workplace. According to Ivancevich, compensation is one of the most diverse and challenging functions in the human resource field since organizations have to constantly keep investigating on the best methods of rewarding employees for their performance. This is probably the single most prominent motivating factor to every employee as it provides livelihood, either in monetary or non-monetary forms. Organizational compensation programs and benefit packages must be clearly communicated to employees. The staff will, in turn, have a clear understanding of what they should expect in terms of monetary and non-monetary rewards.

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Each and every organization seeks to achieve different goals and mould its employees in a particular manner. In this case, organizations have to ensure that employees are treated within the rules and regulations that define their performance and are always given specific terms of performance in the organization.  Most importantly, the essence of human resource management is to prepare the type of employees who would regard the organization as their own assets and, thus, dedicate their time and attention towards its success. The realization of this fundamental goal requires a lot of commitment on the part of management and a clear and professional way of addressing the issues affecting the employees.

Human resources planning should provide a link between human resources organization and the general calculated plan of a certain organization. It also deliberates on the welfare of manpower in the organization, which includes: determining the compensation package of employees, putting the right policies in place and maintaining employee records. The department is interconnected with other departments. For example, it utilizes information technology to advertise and manage recruitment of employees electronically. The firm’s technological resources include tangible assets, such as computers, intangibles like the software, networks, data, data center facilities and the personnel involved. IT management functions entail various responsibilities like staffing, organizing, controlling,

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Due to globalization information technology department has occupied a crucial position in facilitating communication among employees and correspondence with other organizations. In designing the job description of employees, the HR matches some tasks due to technological advancement and saves costs. Through the human resource management, employees are allocated diverse roles, e.g. in marketing, logistics and financial planning of the organization. With technology, these roles are easily monitored and reported. Technology plays a crucial role ensuring human resource management applies data collection methods to inform, upgrade, and design management policies that address individual and collective interests of stakeholders.

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