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Analysis of The Gemma Power Systems

Success of a company comes about with proper planning and critical analysis of the existing and postulated market trends. Industries must consider forces that lead to its prosperity as competition tends to vary over time. These may either have a positive or negative impact on the operation and daily business of the plant.  Gemma Power Systems, in its quest to be a super power in the coming years, has policies that need to be in line with the ever changing world. Some of its existing policies and practices do meet the necessary requirements for sustainable business production while others still need improvement.

Macroeconomic Forces

Gemma Power Systems provides full service as an EPC contractor. It has the ability to design, build, and commission large-scale energy projects. This shows the magnitude of the tasks it handles. It also proves that it has a massive clientele hence needs proper management. The executive team always gives hand on attention to every detail within the company. This trickles down to other sectors within the organization such as the one in charge of project execution. Through harmonization of ideas, they advocate for the eventual achievement of their ultimate goal, “Built by Gemma” (Frey, 2008). The adoption of a system where hiring of performance managers, at the expense of labor workers is necessary. Although Gemma gives power to other laborers to perform their duties freely, they need to initiate this new policy. They do not have the ‘red tape’ policies in decision making. In one way, it may be beneficial to the company but may also impact negatively on its success. This is because giving freedom to employees and customers to influence the running of the company gives those with malicious intentions a chance to exercise their practices. Hiring of performance managers will mean more skill and expertise in the company. The employees need to be having personal motivation and determination to succeed. They need to be well educated and trained. They not only have to complete their tasks, but also have the desire of managing what they do produce daily. This will ensure that the company is under immense care, and its prosperity will be certain. Sound decision making will also be realized in the company. This can be embraced, not by downsizing but training the existing employees to the required standards (Peter, 2009).


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Gemma not only looks at the processing stage but also considers the final management of the products. This is significant in the determination of the extent to which a company may stay relevant in the market. There is competition, and it is, therefore, necessary for a company to protect its products. Product management is crucial to growth and development of a company. Gemma deals with providing energy solutions to their clients. The many projects which they have done need protection and constant servicing. The ETEC Woodville Project, dealing with biomass plant, has a mechanism to ensure that it keeps on serving its target. The constant environmental analysis carried out on the site proves that its long term goals are given priority. 

Global forces

In its quest to keep up with the global issues to do with environmental conservation and green production, Gemma employs technology that minimizes environmental pollution. There are various environmental organizations that advocate for a safer environment. They keep on monitoring these industries and they have the mandate of taking legal action against the non- complying ones (Peter, 2009). The ETEC Woodville Project, a renowned project Gemma, is a biomass plant. Fueling of this project is by chipped and unmerchantable timber which is always under processing in the neighborhood.  This project serves as an example towards green production as it has the patented Multi-Pollutant Reactor that also acts as a catalyst. Its main purpose is to minimize on the levels of nitrous, carbon (II) oxide and sulphide gases emissions.

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The plant suffered a blow when it had not incorporated this policy of environmental conservation into their project as it experienced a temporary halt. The company was lucky to receive a full Notice-to proceed after initiating the international call environmental conservation. Another example, in line with this, is the Patton Wind Project, is where Gemma is to construct a 30 MW Patton Wind Farm (Frey, 2008).This project commenced in the spring of this year. Its projects scope consists of engineering and installation of roads and collection system. Wind turbine generators need to be procured and installed. The project is underway, and the main point of consideration has been the impact of the project on the environment. The construction of turbines calls for the drilling of the ground hence leading to sound and air pollution. The dust from the site may be harmful to people. It is thus necessary that efficient mechanisms to handle the pollution be employed.


Technological forces

Success of any business depends on both the process they take and management of their products. Technological Forces do have significant impacts on the success of a business. Gemma Power Solutions has always been concerned with providing solutions to the existing energy problems. Their scope of work, calls for employment of sophisticated machines and equipments. The world is also evolving at a fast rate, and the outdated technology is being phased out. Since there is a need to keep up with existing competition, they have to embrace the most appropriate technology. In dealing with pollution, most of their biomass projects have Multi-Pollutant Reactors. This new technology ensures there is little pollution in the environment. This technology applies innovation at the highest level and also uses locally available materials. These include the chipped and unmerchantable timber which fuel it. In its Colusa Generating Station project, the technology employed includes two combustion turbines and two heat recovery steam generators. It also has steam turbine and BOP systems and facilities to steer the 640 MW deemed cycle facility. The magnitude of the services this station produces is manifest in the confessions of the Maxwell residents, in California. The facility does not have any liquid discharge, hence environmentally friendly. This serves both the purpose of embracing the global environmental standards and also use of advanced technology. The other project is The Brayton Point Ash Reduction, which consists of a fluidized bed combustor. It   processes, on an hourly basis, 42 tons of high carbon feed fly ash (Frey, 2008) . This demonstrates the use of sophisticated technology.It reduces the carbon content in the feed fly ash thus allowing the resultant product to emerge as a concrete constituent. A storage dome; 164' diameters, and a remote truck load-out station that extensively interconnects to the existing plant are other additions to the technology. This proves that Gemma Power Systems has taken in the idea of embracing technological advancement.

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Social forces

In response to social issues and forces, Gemma Power Systems has an Accident Prevention Policy. This is in line with both the public and employee outcry of the risks that their projects present. The management, employees, public, subcontractors, and partner are all covered in the policy (Peter, 2009). There are guidelines that outline the best way to utilize their projects, equipment and visits to the sites. This ensures safe working conditions for the stakeholders. They define accident prevention on the basis of work progress, efficiency and also at the personal level. It has a Zero Accident Culture which outlines their recognition of need for preventing accidents. The Zero Accident Culture recognizes that accidents are inevitable, and safety is necessary for employment and is everyone’s responsibility. It has achieved tremendously in the promotion of a safe working environment. This is evident in their efforts towards enlightening new employees during their orientation, supervisory training and regulatory compliance. They also have the job-hazard analysis, assessment of environmental hazards and screening of prequalified subcontractors. This ensures that they do not contradict any social practices that exist, and also not to harm the society (Frey, 2008).

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Gemma has been on the forefront maintaining a written quality program. This program is a model of ISO 9000 elements. This is in line with the complex elements of engineering that its projects present. The company deals with equipment manufacture, and fabrication of the projects. It has codes such as the ASME Boiler one and the Pressure Vessel code that it employs when it comes to fabrication. All its projects utilize a quality system deemed as 3- tier in order to ensure that construction-related activities are planned and verified. This avoids performing under par.  They are also called upon to observe their contractual agreements and their legally accepted fields of operation. They are not expected to operate in areas that they are not mandated. Its principal subcontractors and equipment suppliers always have effective inspection procedures necessary in ensuring compliance with the contract documents. Quality in handling work ensures that the products produced are of the clients’ satisfaction. This ensures that the organization maintains its loyal customers and can command a substantial share in the market. The Director of Quality comes in handy in inspection and monitoring of the manuals and procedures set forth during their projects. He or she is always responsible for ensuring that every single project undergoes monitoring for conformance. It has to respect the contractual agreements and corporate quality policies. He or she may communicate and also correspond with the Project Manager. This may be through thorough planned and unplanned activities where he or she evaluates the process control methods and examines incidence of non-conformances. Through inspection of the test results, the Director of Quality, is able to determine whether the program is satisfactorily meeting the quality objectives of the project. The project managers ensure that the projects are to the required standards. They are the ones at the sites of work, and since this company mainly deals with projects, the project managers’ reports are particularly essential to the quality produced. They have the qualification and professional skills required for their job. Gemma’s employees are highly qualified. Their education levels speak for the quality of work the company is known to produce. These qualities are in accordance with the internationally accepted standards such as ISO 9000, IEEE, ACI and ASQC.

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Gemma Power Systems does not act like an island. It handles business from a holistic perspective. They understand the necessity of involving all the stakeholders in their projects. Through its vision, which guides daily operations, Gemma has always created value for its customers by answering most of the challenges that the building their energy facilities present. The management style is involving, and all the stakeholders are free to air their views and influence decision making. The company strives to make their projects highly rewarding for all parties. As it gears to profit making, calls for customer value and satisfaction are never undermined. The customer relations department and the surveys conducted on a monthly basis give it an edge over other companies. Coordination between departments and stakeholders is key to the prosperity of this company. One of its core values advocates for doing the right thing and embracing integrity while dealing with customers. Its employees make a commitment to the Argan code which guides their conduct (Frey, 2008).They realize the wroth of their customers and hence they cherish them. It means that all the stakeholders need to be at peace and satisfaction with their services. Its employees are actively involved in the quest for customer satisfaction. It also advocates for timely delivery on promises. The commitments made should always be met. Communication is paramount to harmonization of ideas. This is realized by the value calling for early communication of issues.

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Demographic Forces

Gemma Power Systems’ operations are agile. They are open to new developments changes that may occur during all stages of project development. They can also handle their business at any location in U.S.A. They are not stagnant at any given location, and their projects are a manifest to this. Gemma, in its quest to offers flexibility to its customers, outlines several policies they do embrace which include:

  • Taking complete responsibility of and being accountable for engineering. They select a suitable engineer using indiscriminate ways.
  • Procuring of equipment, at the customers convenience, or do allow customers to purchase at their own will.
  •  Directly hiring or performing by self the whole project or even allow subcontracting.

This shows its ability to adapt to any market situation hence commanding a bigger market share. There scope of operation is a boost to their success. They can move in any region as long as it is within their mandate. They, therefore, command a big market.

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Summary of Gemma Power Systems Drive Force Analysis

Gemma Power Systems has done its level best to ensure its projects are sustainable and promote the general welfare of the society. The drive forces discussed, can clearly illustrate the position of the company in terms of success and attaining its goals. These forces are in line with present world market situations and also give a projection of the years to come. They show how the company adapts to the current situation and its survival strengths in case changes do occur in the market.

Gemme Power Systems has tried its level best to handle all the issues that make a successful and sustainable company. Its strengths lie in:

  • Environmental conservation,
  • Products’ quality,
  • Stakeholders satisfaction, and
  • Flexibility in its operations.

Environmental conservation is a global issue of concern. Gemme deals with projects that may either directly or indirectly have an impact on the environment. The gas emissions from the ETEC Woodville Project have been dealt with by the Multi-Pollutant Reactor. It minimizes on the levels of nitrous, carbon (II) oxide and sulphide gases emissions. The Colusa Generating Station project does not have any liquid discharge rendering the safety of the environment (Frey, 2008).

Gemme is deemed appropriate as they have high quality products. The values it follows are a manifest to this. Quality of products always influences the clientele a company may possess. The professional staff it hires, starting from the directors and project managers means that they value the work they undertake. They assess every contract they receive, with their shareholders, in order to ensure that each party is adequately represented. The success of a business lies upon the recommendations from clients. They determine whether the business will keep growing or will meet its downfall. The world markets are changing on daily basis. New innovations and inventions are created by different companies. Giving clients what they ask for makes them loyal. The projects that Gemme handles are of large magnitude, meaning clients invest heavily in them. Compromising their tastes and preferences will make them desist from requesting for Gemmes services. There adoption of the values they seek to embrace has enabled them emerge as a super power in the existing industry (Frey, 2008).

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Stakeholders are those people involved in the whole project, from its commencement to the end. They influence the decisions that the company makes. They are the corner stone to the success of the company. Their policies determine the direction a business follows. There satisfaction is key to better developments in the company. Gemme allows free and open sharing of ideas in the company. Their policy credits the values that their clients, contractors, planners and managers call for. The company is in a better position to adapt to any changes as it has a large information base. Stakeholders are the main players in the market thus their satisfaction means the success of Gemme.

Gemme is flexible in all its dealings. It gives room to the best solution of handling tasks and it is not rigid. This gives an opening for impromptu developments in the market. Rigidity only locks out space for improvement and adaptation.

The world markets keep on changing. The driving forces, as discussed, have immense influence on the way companies may adapt or risk falling out of the market. Dealing with these forces in the most effective manner, as Gemme Power Systems does, is the best way to keep surviving. This calls for environmental sustainability, provision of quality products and flexibility in operations.



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